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2022-09-01Individual and Coupled Effects of Future Climate and Land Use Scenarios on Water Balance Components in an Australian CatchmentZhang, H; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Leslie, LM; Shi, L; Zhang, M; Yu, Q
2022-06-01Jet Stream Changes over Southeast Australia during the Early Cool Season in Response to Accelerated Global WarmingSpeer, MS; Leslie, LM; Hartigan, J
2022-01-01Correction to: Correction of GRACE measurements of the Earth’s moment of inertia (MOI) (Climate Dynamics, (2021), 10.1007/s00382-021-06022-1)Ren, D; Leslie, LM; Huang, Y; Hu, A
2022-01-01Correction of GRACE measurements of the Earth’s moment of inertia (MOI)Ren, D; Leslie, LM; Huang, Y; Hu, A
2021-08-09From the 1990s climate change has decreased cool season catchment precipitation reducing river heights in Australia’s southern Murray-Darling BasinSpeer, MS; Leslie, LM; MacNamara, S; Hartigan, J
2020-10-01Aviation Impacts on Fuel Efficiency of a Future More Viscous AtmosphereRen, D; Fu, R; Dickinson, RE; Leslie, LM; Wang, X
2019-07-01Impacts of climate warming on aviation fuel consumptionRen, D; Leslie, LM
2019-02-15Impacts of climate warming on maximum aviation payloadsRen, D; Dickinson, RE; Fu, R; Bornman, JF; Guo, W; Yang, S; Leslie, LM
2019-01-01The Dependence of Northwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensification Rates on Environmental FactorsLyu, X; Wang, X; Leslie, LM
2018-01-01The 2015-2017 Cape Town drought: Attribution and prediction using machine learningRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
2018Comparing precipitation and temperature trends between inland and coastal locationsHartigan, J; MacNamara, S; Leslie, LM
2017-07-01Climatology of Philippine tropical cyclone activity: 1945–2011Corporal-Lodangco, IL; Leslie, LM
2017-07-01The modulating influence of Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures on Australian region seasonal tropical cyclone countsRamsay, H; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
2017-03-04A data-driven kernel method assimilation technique for geophysical modellingGilbert, RC; Trafalis, TB; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
2017-01-01Reducing Tropical Cyclone Prediction Errors Using Machine Learning ApproachesRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Ramsay, HA; Klotzbach, PJ
2017-01-01The impact of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on winter and early spring U.S. tornado outbreaksCook, AR; Leslie, LM; Parsons, DB; Schaefer, JT
2017-01-01Defining Philippine Climate Zones Using Surface and High-Resolution Satellite DataCorporal-Lodangco, IL; Leslie, LM
2016-12-01Intraseasonal variability of low-level moisture transport over West AfricaLélé, MI; Leslie, LM
2016-08-01Synoptic pattern analysis and climatology of ice and snowstorms in the southern great plains, 1993-2011Mullens, ED; Leslie, LM; Lamba, PJ
2016-01-01Impacts of gulf of Mexico SST anomalies on southern plains freezing precipitation: ARW sensitivity study of the 28-30 January 2010 winter stormMullens, ED; Leslie, LM; Lamb, PJ