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15-Jul-2018Technologies of Refuge and Displacement Rethinking Digital DividesLeung, L
1-Jan-2018Designing Augmented, Domestic Environments to Support Ageing in PlaceDurick, J; Leung, L
15-Mar-2017Producing Leisured Laborers: Developing Higher Education Courses for the Digital Creative IndustriesLeung, L; Bentley, N
11-Oct-2016The View From The Top – 2016 Innovation Report: A conversation with Chairs & CEOs of 20+ major corporations on the state of innovation in AustraliaLeung, L; Nikolova, N; Schweitzer, J; Goldsby-Smith, T; Whybrow, T; Jurd, K
1-Jan-2016The Creative Other: Marginalization of and from the Creative IndustriesLeung, L
1-Dec-2010Designing e-mail for knowledge management in distributed organizationsLeung, L; Humphreys, T; Weakley, A
2010Telecommunications across borders: refugees' technology use during displacementLeung, L
2009Technology’s Refuge: The use of technology by asylum seekers and refugeesLeung, L; Emrys, Liz; Finney Lamb, Cath
1-Dec-2008VUE (visualisation using emails)Leung, L; Humphreys, T; Weakley, A
1-Nov-2008Embedding expert users in the interaction design process: a case studyHumphreys, T; Leung, L; Weakley, A
1-Jan-2008Users as learners: Rethinking digital experiences as inherently educa tionalLeung, L
1-Jan-2008The art of ‘slow’: Taking time in the digital ageLeung, L; Tam, D
1-Jan-2008What’s the story? Harnessing the power of storytelling in film for experience designDrago, C; Leung, L; Ward, M
1-Jan-2008The personal is the political: Why feminism is important to experience designLeung, L; Tan, A
1-Jan-2008Beyond the visual: Applying cinematic sound design to the online environmentWard, M; Leung, L
1-Jan-2008You are what you wear: The ideal and real consumer/userLeung, L; Goldstein, S
1-Jan-2008Architectures of the physical and virtual: Parallel design princi ples in built and digital envi ronmentsLeung, L; Waters, M
1-Jan-2008Lessons from web accessibility and intellectual disabilityKennedy, H; Leung, L
2007Mobility and Displacement: refugees' mobile media practices in immigration detentionLeung, L
2006Small claims, big implications: usability of legal systems in theory and practiceLeung, L