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2019-12-18Classroom Evolution: The Swing Towards Blended and Flipped LearningLeveaux, R; Gallagher, S; Sixsmith, A; Simpson, H
2018-01-01Student Perceptions of Open-Book and Closed-Book Exams in Postgraduate Engineering Management SubjectsAl-Kilidar, H; Sixsmith, A; Leveaux, R; Mooney, G
2017-01-01Critical success factors for quality implementation in the manufacturing industryHaider, ST; Al-Kilidar, H; Leveaux, R
2017-01-01Transitioning the classroom: The shift towards blended and flipped learningGallagher, S; Sixsmith, A; Leveaux, R; Simpson, H
2016-01-01Examining the perceptions of information technology in an elite sporting organizationLeveaux, R
2016-01-01Creating a situated learning environment in the classroom for final year IT studentsLeveaux, R; Sixsmith, A; Gallagher, S
2015-01-01The changing shape of sport through information technologiesLeveaux, R; Messerschmitt, M
2013-01-01Examining the perceptions of information technology in an Australian financial services organizationLeveaux, R; Sixsmith, A; Manickawasagam, S
2012-01-01Decision Making Technology for Olympic Taekwondo RefereesLeveaux, R; Jiang, Y; Baca, A
2010-01-01Technology driving changes in competitor decision making and match managementLeveaux, R
2009-01-01Using technology in sport to support referee's decision makingLeveaux, R
2007-04-01More evidence-based internet self-help depression websites now availableCuljak, G; Nicholls, P; Leveaux, R; Kowalenko, N
2005-12-01An examination of the growth of Internet self help sites for depression and related problemsCuljak, G; Nicholls, P; Leveaux, R; Kowalenko, N
2001Internet Culture in Developing Countries with Special Reference to E-Commerce.Chandran, D; Kang, K; Leveaux, R