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2019-12-01Clinical placements in contemporary nursing education: Where is the evidence?McKenna, L; Cant, R; Bogossian, F; Cooper, S; Levett-Jones, T; Seaton, P
2019-11-06Simulation for developing healthcare graduates’ empathy skills: Virtual Empathy MuseumDean, S; Levett-Jones, T; Pich, J; Govind, N; Orr, F
2019-11-01Exploring the Impact of a 3D Simulation on Nursing Students’ Intention to Provide Culturally Competent CareLevett-Jones, T; Everson, N; Lapkin, S
2019-11-01Responding to the Unexpected: Tag Team Patient Safety SimulationDwyer, TA; Levett-Jones, T; Flenady, T; Reid-Searl, K; Andersen, P; Guinea, S; Heaton, L; Applegarth, J; Goodwin, BC
2019-10-01Transfer of Learning From University-Based Simulation Experiences to Nursing Students' Future Clinical Practice: An Exploratory StudyBruce, R; Levett-Jones, T; Courtney-Pratt, H
2019-09-01Heparin vs. Normal Saline Locking for Prevention of Catheter OcclusionLevett-Jones, T
2019-08-01The CKD-DETECT study: An RCT aimed at improving intention to initiate a kidney health check in Australian practice nursesSinclair, PM; Kable, A; Levett-Jones, T; Holder, C; Oldmeadow, CJ
2019-06-18Current Trends and Opportunities for Competency Assessment in Pharmacy Education-A Literature Review.Croft, H; Gilligan, C; Rasiah, R; Levett-Jones, T; Schneider, J
2019-06-01Simulation-based learning for patient safety: The development of the Tag Team Patient Safety Simulation methodology for nursing educationGuinea, S; Andersen, P; Reid-Searl, K; Levett-Jones, T; Dwyer, T; Heaton, L; Flenady, T; Applegarth, J; Bickell, P
2019-06-01Healthcare students' perceptions and experiences of making errors in simulation: An integrative reviewPalominos, E; Levett-Jones, T; Power, T; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2019-05-01Design and evaluation of an assertiveness communication training programme for nursing studentsOmura, M; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, TE
2019-05-01Exploring the experiences of early career academic nurses as they shape their career journey: A qualitative studyWyllie, A; Levett-Jones, T; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, P
2019-04-01Evaluating the impact of an assertiveness communication training programme for Japanese nursing students: A quasi-experimental studyOmura, M; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, TE
2019-04-01A systematic review of the effectiveness of empathy education for undergraduate nursing studentsLevett-Jones, T; Cant, R; Lapkin, S
2019-02-01Exploring the extent to which simulation-based education addresses contemporary patient safety priorities: A scoping reviewSeaton, P; Levett-Jones, T; Cant, R; Cooper, S; Kelly, MA; McKenna, L; Ng, L; Bogossian, F
2019-01-01Vaccines for preventing influenza in the elderly: A Cochrane review summaryLevett-Jones, T
2019-01-01An evaluation of general practice nurses' knowledge of chronic kidney disease risk factors and screening practices following completion of a case study-based asynchronous e-learning moduleSinclair, PM; Kable, A; Levett-Jones, T; Holder, C; Oldmeadow, CJ
2019-01-01Integrated simulation-based skills assessment for evaluating pharmacist competence: A scoping reviewCroft, HA; Glass, B; Gilligan, C; Rasiah, R; Levett-Jones, T
2019-01-01Nursing and midwifery students’ sense of connectedness within their learning communitiesEbert, L; Levett-Jones, T; Jones, D
2019-01-01Measuring the impact of an interdisciplinary learning project on nursing, architecture and landscape design students' empathyDonnelly, S; Dean, S; Razavy, S; Levett-Jones, T