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2024-01-15GrowCLIP: Data-aware Automatic Model Growing for Large-scale Contrastive Language-Image Pre-trainingDeng, X; Shi, H; Huang, R; Li, C; Xu, H; Han, J; Kwok, J; Zhao, S; Zhang, W; Liang, X
2024-01-15MixReorg: Cross-Modal Mixed Patch Reorganization is a Good Mask Learner for Open-World Semantic SegmentationCai, K; Ren, P; Zhu, Y; Xu, H; Liu, J; Li, C; Wang, G; Liang, X
2024-01-09Comparison Analysis of Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet MachineGuo, K; Liu, C; Li, C; Guo, Y
2024-01-09High-Precision Spiral Motion Control of Linear Rotary Motor With E-shaped StatorLi, C; Guo, K; Liu, C; Guo, Y
2023-12-26Engineering contact curved interface with high-electronic-state active sites for high-performance potassium-ion batteries.Li, X; Wang, Y; Wu, J; Tong, L; Wang, S; Li, X; Li, C; Wang, M; Li, M; Fan, W; Chen, X; Chen, Q; Wang, G; Chen, Y
2023-12-01Arbitrarily structured quantum emission with a multifunctional metalensLi, C; Jang, J; Badloe, T; Yang, T; Kim, J; Kim, J; Nguyen, M; Maier, SA; Rho, J; Ren, H; Aharonovich, I
2023-12-01Prediction of Flyrock Distance in Surface Mining Using a Novel Hybrid Model of Harris Hawks Optimization with Multi-strategies-based Support Vector RegressionLi, C; Zhou, J; Du, K; Armaghani, DJ; Huang, S
2023-11-21DNA Family: Boosting Weight-Sharing NAS with Block-Wise Supervisions.Wang, G; Li, C; Yuan, L; Peng, J; Xian, X; Liang, X; Chang, X; Lin, L
2023-11-01Cohesive Subgraph Discovery Over Uncertain Bipartite GraphsWang, K; Zhao, G; Zhang, W; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; He, Y; Li, C
2023-09-01Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Using a Denoising Transformer-Based Neural NetworkHan, Y; Li, C; Zheng, L; Lei, G; Li, L
2023-09-01Hybridized random forest with population-based optimization for predicting shear properties of rock fracturesZhou, J; Wang, Z; Li, C; Wei, W; Wang, S; Armaghani, DJ; Peng, K
2023-08-01Phase field fracture model for additively manufactured metallic materialsLi, C; Fang, J; Wan, Y; Qiu, N; Steven, G; Li, Q
2023-07-18Granger Causal Inference Based on Dual Laplacian Distribution and Its Application to MI-BCI Classification.Li, P; Gao, X; Li, C; Yi, C; Huang, W; Si, Y; Li, F; Cao, Z; Tian, Y; Xu, P
2023-07-01Robust multi-view non-negative matrix factorization with adaptive graph and diversity constraintsLi, C; Che, H; Leung, MF; Liu, C; Yan, Z
2023-07-01Optimization of biological enzymes combined with Fe<sup>2+</sup>-activated advanced oxidation process for waste activated sludge conditioning using the response surface methodKang, X; Li, C; Ding, W; Ma, Y; Zhou, X; Gao, S; Chen, C; Liu, W; He, Z; Li, X; Jiang, G
2023-05-19Personalized Individual Semantics Learning to Support a Large-Scale Linguistic Consensus ProcessDong, Y; Ran, Q; Chao, X; Li, C; Yu, S
2023-05-15Additively manufactured materials and structures: A state-of-the-art review on their mechanical characteristics and energy absorptionWu, Y; Fang, J; Wu, C; Li, C; Sun, G; Li, Q
2023-05-15Mechanical properties of three-dimensional functionally graded triply periodic minimum surface structuresQiu, N; Zhang, J; Li, C; Shen, Y; Fang, J
2023-04-01A novel aerobic denitrifying phosphate-accumulating bacterium efficiently removes phthalic acid ester, total nitrogen and phosphate from municipal wastewaterRen, L; Guo, Z; Zhang, L; Hu, H; Li, C; Lin, Z; Zhen, Z; Zhou, JL
2023-04-01Stark Effect of Blue Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideZhigulin, I; Horder, J; Ivády, V; White, SJU; Gale, A; Li, C; Lobo, CJ; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Kianinia, M