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2023-04-01A novel aerobic denitrifying phosphate-accumulating bacterium efficiently removes phthalic acid ester, total nitrogen and phosphate from municipal wastewaterRen, L; Guo, Z; Zhang, L; Hu, H; Li, C; Lin, Z; Zhen, Z; Zhou, JL
2023-01-01Dynamic Slimmable Denoising NetworkJiang, Z; Li, C; Chang, X; Chen, L; Zhu, J; Yang, Y
2022-12-01Recent advance in two-dimensional MXenes: New horizons in flexible batteries and supercapacitors technologiesTareen, AK; Khan, K; Iqbal, M; Zhang, Y; Long, J; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Xie, Z; Li, C; Zhang, H
2022-12-01Coherence Properties of Electron-Beam-Activated Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride under Resonant ExcitationHorder, J; White, SJU; Gale, A; Li, C; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2022-12-01Degradation prediction of recycled aggregate concrete under sulphate wetting–drying cycles using BP neural networkDu, T; Chen, J; Qu, F; Li, C; Zhao, H; Xie, B; Yuan, M; Li, W
2022-11-02Recent major advances and challenges in the emerging graphene-based nanomaterials in electrocatalytic fuel cell technologyTareen, AK; Khan, K; Iqbal, M; Zhang, Y; Xie, Z; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Long, J; Li, C; Zhang, H
2022-10-15Microbiome-metabolome analysis directed isolation of rhizobacteria capable of enhancing salt tolerance of Sea Rice 86.Wang, G; Weng, L; Huang, Y; Ling, Y; Zhen, Z; Lin, Z; Hu, H; Li, C; Guo, J; Zhou, JL; Chen, S; Jia, Y; Ren, L
2022-10-01SEMMI: Multi-party security decision-making scheme for linear functions in the internet of medical thingsLi, C; Yang, L; Yu, S; Qin, W; Ma, J
2022-10-01Effects of pipe diameter, curing age and exposure temperature on chloride diffusion of concrete with embedded PVC pipeDu, T; Li, C; Wang, X; Ma, L; Qu, F; Wang, B; Peng, J; Li, W
2022-10Preference of Orthopedic Practitioners Toward the Use of Topical Medicine for Musculoskeletal Pain Management in China: A National Survey.Mei, F; Li, J; Zhang, L; Gao, J; Wang, B; Zhou, Q; Xu, Y; Zhou, C; Zhao, J; Li, P; Zhao, Y; Yuan, T; Fu, W; Li, C; Jin, Y; Yang, P; Xing, D; Lin, J
2022-08-15Towards rechargeable Na-Se<inf>x</inf>S<inf>y</inf> batteries: From fundamental insights to improvement strategiesFeng, C; Huang, XL; Li, Y; Wang, Y; Li, C; Qiu, W; Zhang, S; Liu, H; Zhang, Y; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, Z
2022-08-01Economic policy uncertainty and debt allocation within business groupsCao, Y; Li, C; Liu, X; Lu, M; Shan, Y
2022-08-01USST: A two-phase privacy-preserving framework for personalized recommendation with semi-distributed trainingZhou, Y; Liu, J; Wang, JH; Wang, J; Liu, G; Wu, D; Li, C; Yu, S
2022-08Characterization and flocculation performance of a newly green flocculant derived from natural bagasse cellulose.Han, Z; Huo, J; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Du, Q; Zhang, Y; Li, C; Zhang, D
2022-07-27DS-Net++: Dynamic Weight Slicing for Efficient Inference in CNNs and Vision Transformers.Li, C; Wang, G; Wang, B; Liang, X; Li, Z; Chang, X
2022-07-23Recent advances in novel graphene: new horizons in renewable energy storage technologiesTareen, AK; Khan, K; Iqbal, M; Zhang, Y; Long, J; Nazeer, F; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Shi, Z; Ma, C; Huan, W; Khan, MF; Yin, J; Li, C; Zhang, H
2022-06-20Electrical control of quantum emitters in a Van der Waals heterostructure.White, SJU; Yang, T; Dontschuk, N; Li, C; Xu, Z-Q; Kianinia, M; Stacey, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-06-15Site-Specific Fabrication of Blue Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron NitrideGale, A; Li, C; Chen, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Aharonovich, I; Toth, M
2022-04-26Nanostructure Engineering Strategies of Cathode Materials for Room-Temperature Na-S Batteries.Wang, Y; Huang, XL; Liu, H; Qiu, W; Feng, C; Li, C; Zhang, S; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, ZM
2022-04-21Efficacy of Donated Milk in Early Nutrition of Preterm Infants: A Meta-Analysis.Li, Y; Chi, C; Li, C; Song, J; Song, Z; Wang, W; Sun, J