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2023-03Failure modes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Li, X; Yan, L; Li, D; Fan, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Jiu, J; Yang, Z; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2023-01-03Evaluation of Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Surgical Approaches for Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.Yan, L; Ge, L; Dong, S; Saluja, K; Li, D; Reddy, KS; Wang, Q; Yao, L; Li, JJ; Roza da Costa, B; Xing, D; Wang, B
2023-01-01Self-assembly of gelatin microcarrier-based MSC microtissues for spinal cord injury repairLiu, H; Yan, X; Jiu, J; Li, JJ; Zhang, Y; Wang, G; Li, D; Yan, L; Du, Y; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2022-12-01Factors of regional spill over effects on housing prices: a literature reviewLi, D; Ge, XJ; Rahman, A
2022-11-01An Effective Double-Layer Detection System Against Social Engineering AttacksHe, D; Lv, X; Xu, X; Yu, S; Li, D; Chan, S; Guizani, M
2022-10-01Acoustic absorption of ultralight graphene-based cellular monolithsXie, K; Cao, Y; He, Z; Wang, K; Ding, J; MacGillivray, I; Skvortsov, A; Qiu, X; Li, D
2022-09-21Experimentally Validated, Compact, Highly-Integrated Differential-Fed, Dual-Band, Diplex FiltennasLi, D; Tang, M-C; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-09-05Four-player GroupGAN for weak expression recognition via latent expression magnificationNiu, W; Zhang, K; Li, D; Luo, W
2022-07-15Stable fouling resistance of polyethylene (PE) separator membrane via oxygen plasma plus zwitterion graftingZhai, W; Yu, H; Chen, H; Li, L; Li, D; Zhang, Y; He, T
2022-06-15Characterization of nitrous oxide and nitrite accumulation during iron (Fe(0))- and ferrous iron (Fe(II))-driven autotrophic denitrification: mechanisms, environmental impact factors and molecular microbial characterizationDeng, S; Peng, S; Ngo, HH; Oh, SJA; Hu, Z; Yao, H; Li, D
2022-06-14Circular Nonuniform Electric Field Gel Electrophoresis for the Separation and Concentration of Nanoparticles.Liu, L; Yang, R; Cui, J; Chen, P; Ri, HC; Sun, H; Piao, X; Li, M; Pu, Q; Quinto, M; Zhou, JL; Shang, H-B; Li, D
2022-06-08Power-Dependent Optimal Concentrations of Tm3+ and Yb3+ in Upconversion Nanoparticles.Wen, S; Li, D; Liu, Y; Chen, C; Wang, F; Zhou, J; Bao, G; Zhang, L; Jin, D
2022-06-01Dual-Band, Differentially-Fed Filtenna With Wide Bandwidth, High Selectivity, and Low Cross-PolarizationLi, D; Tang, MC; Wang, Y; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-05-01Ultra-fast self-repairing of anti-corrosive coating based on synergistic effect between cobalt octoate and linseed oilLi, D; Qing, L; Li, M; Cheng, H; Yang, G; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2022-02-15High area energy density of all-solid-state supercapacitor based on double-network hydrogel with high content of graphene/PANI fiberQin, L; Yang, G; Li, D; Ou, K; Zheng, H; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2022-02-01A holistic contribution to fast innovation in electric vehicles: An overview of the DEMOBASE research projectBordes, A; Danilov, DL; Desprez, P; Lecocq, A; Marlair, G; Truchot, B; Dahmani, M; Siret, C; Laurent, S; Herreyre, S; Dominget, A; Hamelin, L; Rigobert, G; Benjamin, S; Legrand, N; Belerrajoul, M; Maurer, W; Chen, Z; Raijmakers, LHJ; Li, D; Zhou, J; Notten, PHL; Perlo, P; Biasiotto, M; Introzzi, R; Petit, M; Martin, J; Bernard, J; Koffel, S; Lorentz, V; Durling, E; Kolari, S; Wang, Z; Massazza, M; Lamontarana, S
2022-02-01Vertically Polarized, High-Performance, Electrically Small Monopole FiltennasTang, MC; Guo, P; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-01-15One-step integrated sample pretreatment technique by gas-liquid microextraction (GLME) to determine multi-class pesticide residues in plant-derived foods.Jin, X; Kaw, HY; Liu, Y; Zhao, J; Piao, X; Jin, D; He, M; Yan, X-P; Zhou, JL; Li, D
2022-01-01Composite Adaptive Control for Anti-Unwinding Attitude Maneuvers: An Exponential Stability Result Without Persistent ExcitationShao, X; Hu, Q; Li, D; Shi, Y; Yi, B
2022-01-01Development of Electrically Small, Bandwidth Enhanced, Vertically Polarized FiltennasGuo, P; Tang, MC; Li, D; Hu, KZ; Ziolkowski, RW