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2023-03-23Balancing Mass Transfer and Active Sites to Improve Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction by B,N Codoped C Nanoreactors.Wang, X; Liu, T; Li, H; Han, C; Su, P; Ta, N; Jiang, SP; Kong, B; Liu, J; Huang, Z
2023-02-01Mitochondrial dysfunction in a rat model and the related risk of metabolic disorders.Li, H; Cai, H; Huang, X; Herok, G; He, J; Su, Y; Li, W; Yi, C; Oliver, B; Chen, H
2023-02-01A simple and effective multi-person pose estimation model for low power embedded systemLi, H; Wen, S; Shi, K
2022-12-12Self-assembled microtissues loaded with osteogenic MSCs for in vivo bone regenerationLi, H; He, Z; Li, W; Li, JJ; Lin, J; Xing, D
2022-12-10What happens to refugee-origin entrepreneurs? Combining mixed embeddedness and strategy perspectives in a longitudinal studyRam, M; Jones, T; Doldor, S; Villares-Varela, M; Li, H
2022-11-15Guest Editorial Special Issue on Security, Privacy, and Trustworthiness in Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of ThingsHu, S; Yu, S; Li, H; Piuri, V
2022-11Posterior-Stabilized Versus Cruciate-Retaining Prostheses for Total Knee Arthroplasty: An Overview of Systematic Reviews and Risk of Bias Considerations.Mei, F; Li, J; Zhang, L; Gao, J; Li, H; Zhou, D; Xing, D; Lin, J
2022-10-15Insight into biofouling mechanism in biofiltration-facilitated gravity-driven membrane (GDM) system: Beneficial effects of pre-deposited adsorbentsFeng, J; Li, X; Yang, Y; Fan, X; Zhou, Z; Ren, J; Tan, X; Li, H
2022-10-01Dual pulse shaping transmission with sinc-function based complementary Nyquist pulsesLi, H; Huang, X; Zhang, JA; Zhang, H; Cheng, Z
2022-10-01Quantifying the fatigue life of wind turbines in cyclone-prone regionsChen, Y; Wu, D; Li, H; Gao, W
2022-09-01Systematic Identification of the Influencing Factors for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry Based on LDA-DEMATEL-ANPLi, H; Han, Z; Zhang, J; Philbin, SP; Liu, D; Ke, Y
2022-09-01Subspace cross representation measure for robust face recognition with few samplesZhang, J; Qin, X; Xiao, Y; Fei, R; Zang, Q; Xu, S; Bo, L; Li, H; Zhang, H; Zhong, Z
2022-09Utilization of Fenton oxidation approach in wet phosphoric acid process for mitigating foam generationMao, Y; Zhang, W; Li, H; Chen, Q; Kasomo, RM; Luo, H; Song, S
2022-08-25A superconducting magnetic energy storage based current-type interline dynamic voltage restorer for transient power quality enhancement of composited data center and renewable energy source power systemJin, JX; Zhou, Q; Yang, RH; Li, YJ; Li, H; Guo, YG; Zhu, JG
2022-08-01FiFoNet: Fine-Grained Target Focusing Network for Object Detection in UAV ImagesXi, Y; Jia, W; Miao, Q; Liu, X; Fan, X; Li, H
2022-08Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering for the Treatment of Burn Wounds: A Systematic Review of Preclinical Studies.Lukomskyj, AO; Rao, N; Yan, L; Pye, JS; Li, H; Wang, B; Li, JJ
2022-07-12Enhanced Angle-of-Arrival and Polarization Parameter Estimation Using Localized Hybrid Dual-Polarized Arrays.Yu, X; Li, H; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Cheng, Z
2022-07-11Accurate 3-DoF Camera Geo-Localization via Ground-to-Satellite Image Matching.Shi, Y; Yu, X; Liu, L; Campbell, D; Koniusz, P; Li, H
2022-07-05Activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway mitigates blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.Wang, Q; Huang, X; Su, Y; Yin, G; Wang, S; Yu, B; Li, H; Qi, J; Chen, H; Zeng, W; Zhang, K; Verkhratsky, A; Niu, J; Yi, C
2022-07-01A quasi-active negative stiffness damper for structural vibration control under earthquakesLi, H; Li, J; Bi, K