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1-Jan-2018Development of an electronic health message system to support recovery after stroke: Inspiring virtual enabled resources following vascular events (iVERVE)Cadilhac, DA; Busingye, D; Li, JC; Andrew, NE; Kilkenny, MF; Thrift, AG; Thijs, V; Hackett, ML; Kneebone, I; Lannin, NA; Stewart, A; Dempsey, I; Cameron, J
1-Jan-20153D buffer zone creation method of urban rail transitZhang, WS; Xie, Q; Zhu, JJ; Zhang, BZ; Ji, Q; Li, JC
3-Jul-2014Electromechanical modeling and experimental analysis of a compression-based piezoelectric vibration energy harvesterJiang, XZ; Li, YC; Wang, J; Li, JC
1-Jan-2014Future intelligent civil structures: Challenges and opportunitiesLi, JC; Li, Y; Askari, M; Ha, QP
30-Oct-2013Experimental investigations of material properties of timber utility poles using various material testing approachesElsener, R; Dackermann, U; Li, JC; Samali, B; Crews, K
30-Oct-2013A vibration-based approach for the estimation of the loss of composite action in timber composite systemsDackermann, U; Li, JC; Rijal, R; Samali, B
30-Oct-2013Effect of elastic modulus and poisson's ratio on guided wave dispersion using transversely isotropic material modellingSubhani, M; Li, JC; Gravenkamp, H; Samali, B
12-Aug-2013A novel adaptive base isolator utilising magnetorheological elastomerLi, YC; Li, JC; Samali, B
12-Aug-2013A novel piezoelectric wafer-stack vibration energy harvesterJiang, XZ; Li, YC; Li, JC
1-Mar-2013Statistical moment-based structural damage detection method in time domainZhang, J; Xu, YL; Li, J; Xia, Y; Li, JC
16-Jul-2012Structural damage detection of controlled building structures using frequency response functionsHuang, Q; Xu, YL; Li, JC; Su, ZQ; Liu, HJ
1-Jan-2009Experimental investigation on statistical moment-based structural damage detection methodXu, YL; Zhang, J; Li, JC; Xia, Y