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2023-03-01When Internet of Things Meets Metaverse: Convergence of Physical and Cyber WorldsLi, K; Cui, Y; Li, W; Lv, T; Yuan, X; Li, S; Ni, W; Simsek, M; Dressler, F
2023-01-01MTLP-JR: Multi-task learning-based prediction for joint ranking in neural architecture searchLyu, B; Lu, L; Hamdi, M; Wen, S; Yang, Y; Li, K
2022-11-15CoupledMUTS: Coupled Multivariate Utility Time-Series Representation and PredictionRen, S; Guo, B; Li, K; Wang, Q; Yu, Z; Cao, L
2022-11-01Deep-Graph-Based Reinforcement Learning for Joint Cruise Control and Task Offloading for Aerial Edge Internet of Things (EdgeIoT)Li, K; Ni, W; Yuan, X; Noor, A; Jamalipour, A
2022-11-01Exploring Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Assisted Federated Learning for Online Resource Allocation in Privacy-Preserving EdgeIoTZheng, J; Li, K; Mhaisen, N; Ni, W; Tovar, E; Guizani, M
2022-09-30Source-Free Multi-Domain Adaptation with Generally Auxiliary Model TrainingLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2022-09-25The COVID-19 pandemic and energy transitions: Evidence from low-carbon power generation in China.Li, K; Qi, S; Shi, X
2022-09-22DeepExpress: Heterogeneous and Coupled Sequence Modeling for Express Delivery PredictionRen, S; Guo, B; Cao, L; Li, K; Liu, J; Yu, Z
2022-04-09Multi-Source Contribution Learning for Domain Adaptation.Li, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2022-04-01Magnitude Bounded Matrix Factorisation for Recommender SystemsJiang, S; Li, K; Da Xu, RY
2022-03-15LSTM-Characterized Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Flight Control and Resource Allocation in UAV-Assisted Sensor NetworkLi, K; Ni, W; Dressler, F
2022-02-15An Integrated First Principal and Deep Learning Approach for Modeling Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants.Li, K; Duan, H; Liu, L; Qiu, R; van den Akker, B; Ni, B-J; Chen, T; Yin, H; Yuan, Z; Ye, L
2022-01-01Neural Architecture Search for Portrait Parsing.Lyu, B; Yang, Y; Wen, S; Huang, T; Li, K
2022-01-01Efficient Spectral Graph Convolutional Network Deployment on Memristive CrossbarsLyu, B; Hamdi, M; Yang, Y; Cao, Y; Yan, Z; Li, K; Wen, S; Huang, T
2022-01-01Dynamic Classifier Alignment for Unsupervised Multi-Source Domain AdaptationLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2022-01-01Continuous Maneuver Control and Data Capture Scheduling of Autonomous Drone in Wireless Sensor NetworksLi, K; Ni, W; Dressler, F
2022-01-01A readily synthesized bismuth oxyiodide/attapulgite for the photodegradation of tetracycline under visible light irradiationLi, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ni, BJ; Wei, Y; Xu, B; Hao, D
2021-10-01Joint Communication Scheduling and Velocity Control in Multi-UAV-Assisted Sensor Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning ApproachEmami, Y; Wei, B; Li, K; Ni, W; Tovar, E
2021-07-11Multi-Source Domain Adaptation with Fuzzy-Rule based Deep Neural NetworksLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2021-06-15Joint Flight Cruise Control and Data Collection in UAV-Aided Internet of Things: An Onboard Deep Reinforcement Learning ApproachLi, K; Ni, W; Tovar, E; Guizani, M