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2021-05Socially-driven multi-interaction attentive group representation learning for group recommendationWang, P; Li, L; Wang, R; Xu, G; Zhang, J
2021-04-30Using machine-learning algorithms to identify patients at high risk of upper gastrointestinal lesions for endoscopy.Liu, Y; Lin, D; Li, L; Chen, Y; Wen, J; Lin, Y; He, X
2021-04-07Effect of PM2.5 pollution on perinatal mortality in ChinaLi, G; Li, L; Liu, D; Qin, J; Zhu, H
2021-01-29Rethinking feature aggregation for deep RGB-D salient object detectionZhang, YF; Zheng, J; Li, L; Liu, N; Jia, W; Fan, X; Xu, C; He, X
2021-01-15Protected Resource Allocation in Space Division Multiplexing-Elastic Optical Networks with Fluctuating TrafficZhu, R; Samuel, A; Wang, P; Li, S; Oun, BK; Li, L; Lv, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2021-01-01Optimal Coordination of Electric Vehicles and Distributed Generators for Voltage Unbalance and Neutral Current CompensationIslam, MR; Lu, H; Hossain, MJ; Li, L
2021-01-01A review on resilience studies in active distribution systemsMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Deep RGB-D Saliency Detection without DepthZhang, YF; Zheng, J; Jia, W; Huang, W; Li, L; Liu, N; Li, F; He, X
2021Exploring the Relationships between Cultural Content and Viewers’ Watching Interest: A Study of Tiktok Videos Produced by Chinese Ethnic Minority GroupsLi, L; Kang, K
2020-12Risk‐constrained offering strategies for a large‐scale price‐maker electric vehicle demand aggregatorHossein Abbasi, M; Taki, M; Rajabi, A; Li, L; Zhang, J
2020-11-01A novel hybrid optimization approach for reactive power dispatch problem considering voltage stability indexNasouri Gilvaei, M; Jafari, H; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L
2020-11-01Manifesto for healthcare simulation practicePark, CS; Clark, L; Gephardt, G; Robertson, JM; Miller, J; Downing, DK; Koh, BLS; Bryant, KD; Grant, D; Pai, DR; Gavilanes, JS; Herrera Bastida, EI; Li, L; Littlewood, K; Escudero, E; Kelly, MA; Nestel, D; Rethans, JJ
2020-09-29Sex Steroids Induce Membrane Stress Responses and Virulence Properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Vidaillac, C; Yong, VFL; Aschtgen, M-S; Qu, J; Yang, S; Xu, G; Seng, ZJ; Brown, AC; Ali, MK; Jaggi, TK; Sankaran, J; Foo, YH; Righetti, F; Nedumaran, AM; Mac Aogáin, M; Roizman, D; Richard, J-A; Rogers, TR; Toyofuku, M; Luo, D; Loh, E; Wohland, T; Czarny, B; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM; Yang, L; Li, L; Normark, S; Henriques Normark, B; Chotirmall, SH
2020-09-01Multiobjective Optimization Technique for Mitigating Unbalance and Improving Voltage Considering Higher Penetration of Electric Vehicles and Distributed GenerationIslam, MR; Lu, H; Hossain, J; Islam, MR; Li, L
2020-07-01Deep Sequence Labelling Model for Information Extraction in Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Zhou, Z; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2020-06-25Model Predictive Control of Seven-Level Single-Phase Boost Inverter without weighting factor for Grid-Tied Photovoltaic ApplicationsKhan, MNH; Siwakoti, YP; Li, L; Khan, SA; Blaabjerg, F
2020-06-15Module block fault locating strategy for large-scale photovoltaic arraysPei, T; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hao, X
2020-06-10A novel nonlinearity marginalization technique for effective solution of induction heating problems by cell methodZhu, G; Liu, X; Li, L; Zhu, J
2020-06-01A novel and effective optimization algorithm for global optimization and its engineering applications: Turbulent Flow of Water-based Optimization (TFWO)Ghasemi, M; Davoudkhani, IF; Akbari, E; Rahimnejad, A; Ghavidel, S; Li, L
2020-05-07Distributed Secondary Control of Energy Storage Units for SoC balancing in AC MicrogridBegum, M; Li, L; Zhu, J