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2021-12-01A Review of Recent Trends and Industry Prospects for Artificial Intelligence TechnologiesLi, G; Wang, X; Li, M
2021-12Impacts of harmful algal blooms on marine aquaculture in a low-carbon future.Lenzen, M; Li, M; Murray, SA
2021-09Female breast cancer treatment and survival in South Australia: Results from linked health data.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, C; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2021-09Using a Twitter Chat as an Alternative to Traditional Classroom Discussion.Byiringiro, S; Nelson, K; Akumbom, A; Davidson, PM; Li, M; Moser, CH; Lee, J; Logan, S; Ogungbe, O; Shattell, M
2021-07-01Compact Multilayer Bandpass Filter Using Low-Temperature Additively Manufacturing SolutionLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Yamada, M; Nulman, J
2021-07Breast cancer treatment and survival differences in women in remote and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, as demonstrated by linked data from New South Wales (NSW), Australia.Buckley, E; Elder, E; McGill, S; Kargar, ZS; Li, M; Roder, D; Currow, D
2021-05-19Accurate prediction of the properties of materials using the CAM‐B3LYP density functionalLi, M; Reimers, JR; Ford, MJ; Kobayashi, R; Amos, RD
2021-05Copper Diffusion Rates and Hopping Pathways in Superionic Cu2SeNazrul Islam, SMK; Mayank, P; Ouyang, Y; Chen, J; Sagotra, AK; Li, M; Cortie, MB; Mole, R; Cazorla, C; Yu, D; Wang, X; Robinson, RA; Cortie, DL
2021-04Degree of Cancer Spread at Presentation and Survival Among Adolescents and Young Adults in New South Wales, Australia.Li, M; Holliday, L; Roder, D; Tervonen, H; Anazodo, A; Dallapozza, L; Hesketh, E; Currow, D
2021-01-12A Fully Integrated Conductive and Dielectric Additive Manufacturing Technology for Microwave Circuits and AntennasLi, M; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Iacopi, F; Ram, S; Nulman, J
2021-01-01Additively Manufactured Millimeter-Wave Dual-Band Single-Polarization Shared Aperture Fresnel Zone Plate Metalens AntennaZhu, J; Yang, Y; Li, M; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Nulman, J; Yamada, M; Iacopi, F
2020-12-01Compact Series-Fed Microstrip Patch Arrays Excited With Dolph-Chebyshev Distributions Realized With Slow Wave Transmission Line Feed NetworksLi, M; Zhang, Z; Tang, M-C; Yi, D; Ziolkowski, RW
2020-11-01Synthesizing Beam-Scannable Thinned Massive Antenna Array Utilizing Modified Iterative FFT for Millimeter-Wave CommunicationLiu, Y; Zheng, J; Li, M; Luo, Q; Rui, Y; Guo, YJ
2020-07-01Bitcoin: Speculative asset or innovative technology?Lee, AD; Li, M; Zheng, H
2020-06-28Monitoring TNM stage of female breast cancer and survival across the South Australian population, with national and international TNM benchmarking: A population-based cohort study.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, CL; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2020-06-08Structured illumination microscopy using digital micro-mirror device and coherent light sourceLi, M; Li, Y; Liu, W; Lal, A; Jiang, S; Jin, D; Yang, H; Wang, S; Zhanghao, K; Xi, P
2020-06-01Synthesizing Shaped Power Patterns for Linear and Planar Antenna Arrays including Mutual Coupling by Refined Joint Rotation/Phase OptimizationLiu, Y; Li, M; Haupt, RL; Guo, YJ
2020-05-01Fast non-rigid points registration with cluster correspondences projectionLi, M; Xu, RY; Xin, J; Zhang, K; Jing, J
2020-04-01Organisational-level assessment of cloud computing adoption: Evidence from the Australian SMEsAlismaili, SZ; Li, M; Shen, J; Huang, P; He, Q; Zhan, W
2020-03-15Effects of chemical pretreatments on microplastic extraction in sewage sludge and their physicochemical characteristicsLi, X; Chen, L; Ji, Y; Li, M; Dong, B; Qian, G; Zhou, J; Dai, X