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2024-02-013-D Printed Noninterleaved Reflective Metasurfaces Supporting Dual-Band Spin-Decoupled Quadruplex Channel Independent Beam-Shaping With Controllable Energy DistributionZhu, J; Yang, Y; Lai, J; Li, M
2024Constrain equilibrium climate sensitivity via composite likelihoodLi, M; Cummins, D
2023-12-26Engineering contact curved interface with high-electronic-state active sites for high-performance potassium-ion batteries.Li, X; Wang, Y; Wu, J; Tong, L; Wang, S; Li, X; Li, C; Wang, M; Li, M; Fan, W; Chen, X; Chen, Q; Wang, G; Chen, Y
2023-12-15Dual-modification of Ni-rich cathode materials through strontium titanate coating and thermal treatment.Guan, P; Min, J; Chen, F; Zhang, S; Zhu, Y; Liu, C; Hu, Y; Wan, T; Li, M; Liu, Y; Su, D; Hart, JN; Li, Z; Chu, D
2023-12-01Multimaterial Additively Manufactured Transmissive Spin-Decoupled Polarization-Maintaining MetasurfacesZhu, J; Li, M; Lai, J; Yang, Y
2023-12-01Performance Improving of Wind Power Generation Systems Through Parameter Optimization and Dynamic Analysis of the Speed-Regulating Differential TransmissionYin, W; Liu, L; Zhang, W; Li, M; Guo, Y
2023-11-01Mitigating the performance sacrifice in DP-satisfied federated settings through graph contrastive learningYang, H; Zhao, X; Li, M; Chen, H; Xu, G
2023-11Challenges and current advances in in vitro biofilm characterization.Zhang, Y; Young, P; Traini, D; Li, M; Ong, HX; Cheng, S
2023-10-15Surface microrelief induced by tillage management alters the pathway and composition of dissolved organic matter exports from soils to runoff during rainfall.Wang, H; Zhang, Q; Li, X; Yi, Y; Wang, Q; Gao, L; Wang, J; He, D; Li, M
2023-10Maintenance Strategy for Elliptical Orbit Satellite With Air-Breathing Electric PropulsionZuo, X; Xu, M; Huang, M; Li, M; Peng, N
2023-09Hybrid Substrate With Ultralarge Organic Interposer for Heterogeneous IntegrationLau, JH; Lin, C; Liu, H-N; Yang, K-M; Xia, T; Ko, C-T; Lin, BP; Chuang, Y-L; Chen, R; Ma, M; Tseng, T-J; Li, M; Leung, K
2023-07-01Manganese ore enhanced polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons removal in constructed wetlands: Insights into the key removal mechanism and main driving factorLu, J; Guo, Z; Li, M; He, M; Zhen, J; Ni, BJ; Zhang, J
2023-06-19Synergistic luminescence effect and high-pressure optical properties of CsPbBr2Cl@EuMOFs nanocomposites.Li, M; Liu, W; Yang, T; Xu, Q; Mu, H; Han, J; Cao, K; Tan, X; Wang, K; Yang, C
2023-06-01Designing MXene-Wrapped AgCl@Carbon core shell cathode for robust quasi-solid-state Ag-Zn battery with ultralong cycle lifeZhu, Y; Zhu, R; Guan, P; Li, M; Wan, T; Hu, L; Zhang, S; Liu, C; Su, D; Liu, Y; Liu, D; Li, Q; Yu, J; Chu, D
2023-05-15Anchoring Cu-N active sites on functionalized polyacrylonitrile fibers for highly selective H2S/CO2 separation.Liu, Z; Sun, G; Chen, Z; Ma, Y; Qiu, K; Li, M; Ni, B-J
2023-05-01Electrically Small, Wideband, Circularly Polarized, Inductive Grid-Array Metasurface AntennaLin, Q; Tang, MC; Li, M; Ziolkowski, RW
2023-04-26Zhibo gonghui: China's 'live-streaming guilds' of manipulation expertsLiu, T; Tan, CKK; Yang, X; Li, M
2023-04-15A wind speed forecasting model based on multi-objective algorithm and interpretability learningLi, M; Yang, Y; He, Z; Guo, X; Zhang, R; Huang, B
2023-04-14Recent advances in water-induced electricity generation based on 2D materials: A reviewFeng, Z; Zhu, R; Chen, F; Zhu, Y; Zhou, Y; Guan, P; Kuo, YC; Fan, J; Wan, T; Li, M; Han, Z; Su, D; Chu, D
2023-03-01Recent research advances in aqueous pollutants and treatment approachesGao, L; Li, X; Li, M; Zamyadi, A; Wang, Q