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2022-12-29Examining teachers' learning through a project-based learning lesson study: a case study in ChinaQi, C; Lai, MY; Liu, L; Zuo, S; Liang, H; Li, R
2022-12Design, synthesis and antitumor activity of 5-trifluoromethylpyrimidine derivatives as EGFR inhibitors.Zuo, Y; Li, R; Zhang, Y; Bao, G; Le, Y; Yan, L
2022-08-15Methane production from peroxymonosulfate pretreated algae biomass: Insights into microbial mechanisms, microcystin detoxification and heavy metal partitioning behavior.Song, K; Li, Z; Li, L; Zhao, X; Deng, M; Zhou, X; Xu, Y; Peng, L; Li, R; Wang, Q
2022-08Catastrophic Periprosthetic Osteolysis in Total Hip Arthroplasty at 20 Years: A Case Report and Literature Review.Xing, D; Li, R; Li, JJ; Tao, K; Lin, J; Yan, T; Zhou, D
2022-05-01Security and Privacy-Enhanced Federated Learning for Anomaly Detection in IoT InfrastructuresCui, L; Qu, Y; Xie, G; Zeng, D; Li, R; Shen, S; Yu, S
2022-02-05Zirconium hydroxide nanoparticle encapsulated magnetic biochar composite derived from rice residue: Application for As(III) and As(V) polluted water purification.Peng, Y; Azeem, M; Li, R; Xing, L; Li, Y; Zhang, Y; Guo, Z; Wang, Q; Ngo, HH; Qu, G; Zhang, Z
2022-01-11Real-Time Prediction System of Train Carriage Load Based on Multi-Stream Fuzzy LearningYu, H; Lu, J; Liu, A; Wang, B; Li, R; Zhang, G
2022-01-01Equivalence Checking of Sequential Quantum CircuitsWang, Q; Li, R; Ying, M
2022-01-01A Two-Stage Self-adaptive Model for Passenger Flow Prediction on Schedule-Based Railway SystemLi, B; Guo, T; Li, R; Wang, Y; Gandomi, AH; Chen, F; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2021-09-01A Software-Defined-Networking-Enabled Approach for Edge-Cloud Computing in the Internet of ThingsDai, M; Su, Z; Li, R; Yu, S
2021-01-01Energy-aware decision-making for dynamic task migration in MEC-based unmanned aerial vehicle delivery systemLi, R; Li, X; Xu, J; Jiang, F; Jia, Z; Shao, D; Pan, L; Liu, X
2021-01-01Delay propagation in large railway networks with data-driven bayesian modelingLi, B; Guo, T; Li, R; Wang, Y; Ou, Y; Chen, F
2021-01-01Hierarchical Features Integration and Attention Iteration Network for Juvenile Refractive Power PredictionZhang, Y; Higashita, R; Long, G; Li, R; Santo, D; Liu, J
2021Computing K-Cores in Large Uncertain Graphs: An Index-based Optimal ApproachWen, D; Yang, B; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Chang, L; Li, R
2020-12-01Generative adversarial networks enhanced location privacy in 5G networksQu, Y; Zhang, J; Li, R; Zhang, X; Zhai, X; Yu, S
2020-10Dynamic scheduling of rail replacement bus timetablesYan, Z; Traish, J; Li, R; Lu, J
2020-06-15Superresolution imaging reveals spatiotemporal propagation of human replication foci mediated by CTCF-organized chromatin structures.Su, QP; Zhao, ZW; Meng, L; Ding, M; Zhang, W; Li, Y; Liu, M; Li, R; Gao, Y-Q; Xie, XS; Sun, Y
2020-04-01Quantum Supremacy Circuit Simulation on Sunway TaihuLightLi, R; Wu, B; Ying, M; Sun, X; Yang, G
2020-01-01I/O-Efficient Algorithms for Degeneracy Computation on Massive NetworksLi, R; Song, Q; Xiao, X; Qin, L; Wang, G; Yu, J; Mao, R
2020-01-01Periodic Communities Mining in Temporal Networks: Concepts and AlgorithmsQin, H; Li, R; Yuan, Y; Wang, G; Yang, W; Qin, L