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2021-07-05Incorporating Multimodal Cues for Advertorial DiscoveryZhang, L; Zhang, J; Shen, J; Xu, J; Li, Z; Yu, L
2021-05-01Towards purchase prediction: A transaction-based setting and a graph-based method leveraging price informationLi, Z; Xie, H; Xu, G; Li, Q; Leng, M; Zhou, C
2021-04-15Topological design of pentamode metamaterials with additive manufacturingWu, S; Luo, Z; Li, Z; Liu, S; Zhang, LC
2021-04-01Topological design of pentamode lattice metamaterials using a ground structure methodLi, Z; Luo, Z; Zhang, L-C; Wang, C-H
2021-02-10How does the Combined Risk Affect the Performance of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Approaches ?Li, Z; Fang, Z; Feng, L; Jie, L; Bo, Y; Guangquan, Z; Fang, Z
2021-02An experimental study of a two‐degree‐of‐freedom galloping energy harvesterHu, G; Wang, J; Qiao, H; Zhao, L; Li, Z; Tang, L
2021-01-22A total blood volume or more transfused during pregnancy or after childbirth: Individual patient data from six international population-based observational studies.McCall, SJ; Henriquez, D; Edwards, HM; van den Akker, T; Bloemenkamp, KWM; van der Bom, J; Bonnet, M-P; Deneux-Tharaux, C; Donati, S; Gillissen, A; Kurinczuk, JJ; Li, Z; Maraschini, A; Seco, A; Sullivan, E; Stanworth, S; Knight, M
2021-01-15Design of Three-Dimensional Isotropic Pentamode Metamaterials Using Topology OptimizationLuo, Z; Wu, S; Li, Z; Chinesta, F; Abgrall, R; Allix, O; Néron, D; Kaliske, M
2021-01-01Cumulative live birth rates among gestational surrogates in altruistic surrogacy arrangements.Attawet, J; Wang, A; Li, Z; Johnson, L; Hammarberg, K; Sullivan, E
2021Missing Value Imputation for Multi-view Urban Statistical Data via Spatial Correlation LearningGong, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, W; Yin, Y; Zheng, Y
2021Multimodal Marketing Intent Analysis for Effective Targeted AdvertisingZhang, L; Shen, JJ; Zhang, J; Xu, J; Li, Z; Yao, Y; Yu, L
2020-12-31Field-wise Learning for Multi-field Categorical DataLi, Z; Zhang, J; Gong, Y; Yao, Y; Wu, Q
2020-12-01Efficient inference for nonparametric hawkes processes using auxiliary latent variablesZhou, F; Li, Z; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Sowmya, A; Chen, F
2020-11-08Efficient incident identification from multi-dimensional issue reports via meta-heuristic searchGu, J; Luo, C; Qin, S; Qiao, B; Lin, Q; Zhang, H; Li, Z; Dang, Y; Cai, S; Wu, W; Zhou, Y; Chintalapati, M; Zhang, D
2020-11-02Rational Design of Pentamode Metamaterials by Topology OptimizationLuo, Z; Li, Z
2020-11Hierarchically nanostructured thermoelectric materials: challenges and opportunities for improved power factorsNeophytou, N; Vargiamidis, V; Foster, S; Graziosi, P; de Sousa Oliveira, L; Chakraborty, D; Li, Z; Thesberg, M; Kosina, H; Bennett, N; Pennelli, G; Narducci, D
2020-10-12Bridging the Web Data and Fine-Grained Visual Recognition via Alleviating Label Noise and Domain MismatchYao, Y; Hua, X; Gao, G; Sun, Z; Li, Z; Zhang, J
2020-10-01Fast multi-resolution segmentation for nonstationary Hawkes process using cumulantsZhou, F; Li, Z; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Sowmya, A; Chen, F
2020-09-18Morphological and phylogenetic data do not support the split of Alexandrium into four genera.Mertens, KN; Adachi, M; Anderson, DM; Band-Schmidt, CJ; Bravo, I; Brosnahan, ML; Bolch, CJS; Calado, AJ; Carbonell-Moore, MC; Chomérat, N; Elbrächter, M; Figueroa, RI; Fraga, S; Gárate-Lizárraga, I; Garcés, E; Gu, H; Hallegraeff, G; Hess, P; Hoppenrath, M; Horiguchi, T; Iwataki, M; John, U; Kremp, A; Larsen, J; Leaw, CP; Li, Z; Lim, PT; Litaker, W; MacKenzie, L; Masseret, E; Matsuoka, K; Moestrup Ø; Montresor, M; Nagai, S; Nézan, E; Nishimura, T; Okolodkov, YB; Orlova, TY; Reñé, A; Sampedro, N; Satta, CT; Shin, HH; Siano, R; Smith, KF; Steidinger, K; Takano, Y; Tillmann, U; Wolny, J; Yamaguchi, A; Murray, S
2020-09-01Latency and Reliability of mmWave Multi-Hop V2V Communications under Relay SelectionsLi, Z; Xiang, L; Ge, X; Mao, G; Chao, HC