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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-10ModMRF: A modularity-based Markov Random Field method for community detectionJin D; Zhang B; Song Y; He D; Feng Z; Chen S; Li W; Musial K
2020-08Are Venture Firms More Charitable After Receiving Government Subsidy? A Social Exchange PerspectiveLiu W; Li W; Yang J
2020-07-29The Effect of Owner Birth Order on R&D Investments in Family FirmsLi W; Luo J
2020-07-15Vegetation and species impacts on soil organic carbon sequestration following ecological restoration over the Loess Plateau, ChinaWang H; Yue C; Mao Q; Zhao J; Ciais P; Li W; Yu Q; Mu X
2020-07-01FDI Spillovers and Emerging Market Firm Innovation: The Role of Geographic Proximity to Foreign PresenceLi W; Liu W; Yang J
2020-06-24Break or stay in prior interantionalization portfolio? The impacts of negative performance gap and top management team’s experience on new country entries.Li W; Guo B; Gu J; Hu W
2020-04-30Huawei's Internationalization JourneyLi W; Chang X; Guo B
2020-01-01Group layout pattern and outdoor wind environment of enclosed office buildings in HangzhouYing X; Wang Y; Li W; Liu Z; Ding G
2019-11-03Multi-interest network with dynamic routing for recommendation at TmallLi C; Liu Z; Wu M; Xu Y; Zhao H; Huang P; Kang G; Chen Q; Li W; Lee DL
2019-11-01An electromagnetic variable inertance device for seat suspension vibration controlNing D; Sun S; Du H; Li W; Zhang N; Zheng M; Luo L
2019-10-28Renewable energy in Australia: a wider policy discourseYang M; Sandu S; Li W; Khalid MT
2019-09-15Periodic solution and its stability of a delayed Beddington-DeAngelis type predator-prey system with discontinuous control strategyLi W; Huang L; Ji J
2019-08-01Does International Diversity Increase Innovation Performance of New Ventures from Emerging Markets?Li W; Wang Y; Liu W
2019-08-01Does International Diversity Increase Innovation Performance of New Ventures from Emerging Markets?Wang Y; Zhu M; Liu W; Li W
2019-06-24Loss or Gain? The Moderating Role of Top Manager Team in the Relationship between Political Hazards and Foreign Subsidiary PerformanceLi W; Wei Q; De Sisto M; Gu J
2019-06-01A variable inertance and variable damping vibration control system with electric circuitNing D; Jia Z; Du H; Li W; Zhang N
2019-01-01Impact behaviors of recycled aggregate concrete with nanoparticlesLi W; Luo Z; Xiao J; Shah SP