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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06PansyTree: Merging Multiple HierarchiesDong, Y; Fauth, A; Huang, M; Chen, Y; Liang, J
2020-01-01BarcodeTree: Scalable Comparison of Multiple HierarchiesLi, G; Zhang, Y; Dong, Y; Liang, J; Zhang, J; Wang, J; McGuffin, MJ; Yuan, X
2020-01-01Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis-Based in Vitro Detection of Critical BiomarkersZhang, W; Liang, J; Lu, X; Ren, W; Liu, C
2020-01-01Dynamic Gaussian bare-bones fruit fly optimizers with abandonment mechanism: method and analysisYu, H; Li, W; Chen, C; Liang, J; Gui, W; Wang, M; Chen, H
2019-12-02Use of music streaming platforms for emotion regulation by international studentsWadley, G; Krause, A; Liang, J; Wang, Z; Leong, TW
2019-12-01Nanoengineering Carbon Spheres as Nanoreactors for Sustainable Energy ApplicationsTian, H; Liang, J; Liu, J
2019-10-01Optimal control of a novel uninterrupted multi-speed transmission for hybrid electric mining trucksYang, W; Liang, J; Yang, J; Zhang, N
2019-10-01An interactive visual analytics approach for network anomaly detection through smart labelingFan, X; Li, C; Yuan, X; Dong, X; Liang, J
2019-09-01A three-dimensional indirect boundary integral equation method for modeling elastic wave scattering in a layered half-spaceLiu, Z; Huang, L; Liang, J; Wu, C
2019-07-01Stroke data analysis through a HVN visual mining platformHuang, ML; Yue, Z; Nguyen, QV; Liang, J; Luo, Z
2019-05-01A novel multi-segment feature fusion based fault classification approach for rotating machineryLiang, J; Zhang, Y; Zhong, JH; Yang, H
2019-05-01Energy management and shifting stability control for a novel dual input clutchless transmission systemWu, H; Walker, P; Wu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
2019-03-01The scattering of plane P, SV waves by twin lining tunnels with imperfect interfaces embedded in an elastic half-spaceHuang, L; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Liang, J
2019-03-01Gearshift and brake distribution control for regenerative braking in electric vehicles with dual clutch transmissionLiang, J; Walker, PD; Ruan, J; Yang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, N
2019-01-01Grid voltage sensorless model-based predictive power control of PWM rectifiers based on sliding mode virtual flux observerLiang, J; Wang, H; Yan, Z
2019-01-01Multi-Fault Rapid Diagnosis for Wind Turbine Gearbox Using Sparse Bayesian Extreme Learning MachineZhong, JH; Zhang, J; Liang, J; Wang, H
2019-01-01Graphene-Based Planar Microsupercapacitors: Recent Advances and Future ChallengesLiang, J; Mondal, AK; Wang, DW; Iacopi, F
2019-01-01Detailed Modeling and Experimental Assessments of Automotive Dry Clutch EngagementYan, Z; Yan, F; Liang, J; Duan, Y
2019-01-01Implementation of velocity optimisation strategy based on preview road information to trade off transport time and fuel consumption for hybrid mining trucksYang, W; Yang, J; Liang, J; Zhang, N
2018-12-21E-Map: A Visual Analytics Approach for Exploring Significant Event Evolutions in Social MediaChen, S; Lin, L; Yuan, X; Liang, J; Zhang, X