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2023Auxiliary signal-guided knowledge encoder-decoder for medical report generation.Li, M; Liu, R; Wang, F; Chang, X; Liang, X
2022-09-27Continual Object Detection via Prototypical Task Correlation Guided Gating MechanismYang, B; Deng, X; Shi, H; Li, C; Zhang, G; Xu, H; Zhao, S; Lin, L; Liang, X
2022-07-27DS-Net++: Dynamic Weight Slicing for Efficient Inference in CNNs and Vision Transformers.Li, C; Wang, G; Wang, B; Liang, X; Li, Z; Chang, X
2022-01-01Automated Progressive Learning for Efficient Training of Vision TransformersLi, C; Zhuang, B; Wang, G; Liang, X; Chang, X; Yang, Y
2022-01-01Cross-modal Clinical Graph Transformer for Ophthalmic Report GenerationLi, M; Cai, W; Verspoor, K; Pan, S; Liang, X; Chang, X
2022-01-01Beyond Fixation: Dynamic Window Visual TransformerRen, P; Li, C; Wang, G; Xiao, Y; Du, Q; Liang, X; Chang, X
2022-01-01Knowledge Distillation via the Target-aware TransformerLin, S; Xie, H; Wang, B; Yu, K; Chang, X; Liang, X; Wang, G
2022-01-01BossNAS: Exploring Hybrid CNN-transformers with Block-wisely Self-supervised Neural Architecture SearchLi, C; Tang, T; Wang, G; Peng, J; Wang, B; Liang, X; Chang, X
2022-01-01Caption-aided Product Detection via Collaborative Pseudo-Label HarmonizationDong, X; Zhang, G; Zhan, X; Ding, Y; Wei, Y; Lu, M; Liang, X
2021-11-13Dynamic Slimmable NetworkLi, C; Wang, G; Wang, B; Liang, X; Li, Z; Chang, X
2021-11-13SOON: Scenario Oriented Object Navigation with Graph-based ExplorationZhu, F; Liang, X; Zhu, Y; Yu, Q; Chang, X; Liang, X
2021-07Application of Q-TOF-MS based metabonomics techniques to analyze the plasma metabolic profile changes on rats following death due to acute intoxication of phorate.Wei, Z; Dong, Z; Jia, J; Liang, X; Wang, T; Hu, M; Fu, S; Yun, K
2021-05-15Stochastic uncertainty quantification of seismic performance of complex large-scale structures using response spectrum methodZhang, H; Zhu, X; Liang, X; Guo, F
2021-04-01Analysis on Layouts of Pedestal and Adjacent Podiums in Hangzhou in Wind EnvironmentYing, X; Liang, X; Li, S; Du, S; Grace, D
2021-03-09Evolutionary Deep Fusion Method and its Application in Chemical Structure RecognitionLiang, X; Guo, Q; Qian, Y; Ding, W; Zhang, Q
2021-01-07Sustainable S cathodes with synergic electrocatalysis for room-temperature Na-S batteriesLiu, H; Lai, WH; Liang, Y; Liang, X; Yan, ZC; Yang, HL; Lei, YJ; Wei, P; Zhou, S; Gu, QF; Chou, SL; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, YX
2021-01-01Exploring Inter-Channel Correlation for Diversity-preserved Knowledge DistillationLiu, L; Huang, Q; Lin, S; Xie, H; Wang, B; Chang, X; Liang, X
2021-01-01Vision-Language Navigation with Random Environmental MixupLiu, C; Zhu, F; Chang, X; Liang, X; Ge, Z; Shen, Y-D
2021-01-01Transformer Based Multi-Agent FrameworkHu, S; Zhu, F; Chang, X; Liang, X
2020-07-01Seismic performance analysis of a large-scale single-layer lattice dome with a hybrid three-directional seismic isolation systemZhang, H; Liang, X; Gao, Z; Zhu, X