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2023-01-01Learning Hierarchical Semantic Information for Efficient Low-Light Image EnhancementHuang, W; Liao, X; Qian, Y; Jia, W
2023Single-cell profiling reveals distinct immune response landscapes in tuberculous pleural effusion and non-TPE.Yang, X; Yan, J; Xue, Y; Sun, Q; Zhang, Y; Guo, R; Wang, C; Li, X; Liang, Q; Wu, H; Wang, C; Liao, X; Long, S; Zheng, M; Wei, R; Zhang, H; Liu, Y; Che, N; Luu, LDW; Pan, J; Wang, G; Wang, Y
2022-01-01An Impulse Modulation Strategy for the M-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with the Current Source InverterChen, C; Chen, Z; Zhao, J; Guo, Y; Liao, X
2020-07-01Quantification of fresh water consumption and scarcity footprints of hydrogen from water electrolysis: A methodology frameworkShi, X; Liao, X; Li, Y
2020-01-01The effects of behavioral intention on the choice to purchase energy-saving appliances in China: the role of environmental attitude, concern, and perceived psychological benefits in shaping intentionLiao, X; Shen, SV; Shi, X
2019-10-01ML-LUM: A system for land use mapping by machine learning algorithmsLiao, X; Huang, X; Huang, W
2018-08-01Public appeal, environmental regulation and green investment: Evidence from ChinaLiao, X; Shi, X
2018-07-01A Pulse Energy Injection Inverter for the Switch-Mode Inductive Power Transfer SystemWang, Y; Dong, L; Liao, X; Ju, X; Su, SW; Ma, H
2017-10-06Fast voltage detection method for grid-tied renewable energy generation systems under distorted grid voltage conditionsXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2017-09-01A Novel Open-Loop Frequency Estimation Method for Single-Phase Grid Synchronization under Distorted ConditionsXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2017-07-10Boosting the precision of virtual call integrity protection with partial pointer analysis for C++Fan, X; Sui, Y; Liao, X; Xue, J
2017-06Small-world human brain networks: Perspectives and challenges.Liao, X; Vasilakos, AV; He, Y
2017-03-01A Frequency-Fixed SOGI-Based PLL for Single-Phase Grid-Connected ConvertersXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2017-01-01Physical Layer Security Based on Interference Alignment in K-User MIMO y Wiretap ChannelsFan, Y; Liao, X; Vasilakos, AV
2010-08-01Identification of lipoprotein MslA as a neoteric virulence factor of Mycoplasma gallisepticumSzczepanek, SM; Frasca, S; Schumacher, VL; Liao, X; Padula, M; Djordjevic, SP; Geary, SJ
2010Identification of lipoprotein MsIA as a neoteric virulence factor of Mycoplasma gallisepticumSzczepanek, S; Frasca, JS; Schumacher, V; Liao, X; Padula, M; Djordjevic, S; Geary, S
2006-05-01P159 is a proteolytically processed, surface adhesin of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: Defined domains of P159 bind heparin and promote adherence to eukaryote cellsBurnett, TA; Dinkla, K; Rohde, M; Chhatwal, GS; Uphoff, C; Srivastava, M; Cordwell, SJ; Geary, S; Liao, X; Minion, FC; Walker, MJ; Djordjevic, SP