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2019Design Knowledge Development and Additive Manufacturing Systems: How Does Design Knowledge Change With Design for AM?Walden, R; Lie, S; Gonzáles-Prida Diaz, V; Zamora Bonilla, JP
4-Mar-2018Design Research Units and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs): An Approach for Advancing Technology and Competitive Strength in AustraliaWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Lee, T; Lockhart, C
2018Research Prototyping, University-Industry Collaboration and the value of Annotated PortfoliosWalden, R; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B; Nemme, A
3-Dec-2015Evolving a university product design program: An approach for contemporary design practiceLie, S; Walden, R
17-Sep-2015Imperfect Aesthetic: How the changing use of plastic in objects has changed our perception of it.Walden, R; Lockhart, C; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B
10-Sep-2015The academic design practitionerWalden, R; Pandolfo, B; Lie, S; Lockhart, C
1-Jan-2014Smart hoist: An assistive robot to aid carersRanasinghe, R; Dantanarayana, L; Tran, A; Lie, S; Behrens, M; Liu, L
2014Interactive Infrastructures: Physical Rehabilitation Modules for Pervasive Healthcare TechnologyBongers, AJ; Smith, S; Donker, V; Pickrell, M; Hall, R; Lie, S; Holzinger, A; Ziefle, M; Röcker, C
1-Dec-2012A cooperative approach to the design of an Operator Control Unit for a semi-autonomous grit-blasting robotLie, S; Liu, DK; Bongers, B
2012A cooperative design approach to the design of interactive devices for small, specialized user groupsLie, S
Jan-2011Robotic Grit-blasting: Engineering ChallengesManamperi, P; Brooks, PA; Kaluarachchi, W; Peters, G; Ho, A; Lie, S; To, AW; Paul, G; Rushton-Smith, D; Webb, SS; Liu, D; Dissanayake, G; Ponnampalam, V; Madrio, H; Ancich, E
Jan-2009GRW Cooling VestWalden, RJ; Lie, S
2004Ribs (bench); Pila (seat); Strip (screen)Lie, S; Brian Parkes
-Freestyle: New Australian design for living (p178-183)Lie, S; Brian Parkes
-The Security BlanketLie, S; Berto Pandolfo
-MTB Multi-tool Design; Office desktop accessories.Walden, RJ; Lie, S; -
-GRW Coolme Vest: Emergency Firefighting EquipmentWalden, RJ; Lie, S; -
-Office desktop accessoriesLie, S; Walden, RJ