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2024-07-02When one size does not fit all: creative enablers to achieve diversity equity and inclusion in health professional educationVnuk, A; Micheal, S; Lim, L; Lim, C; Jain, N; Wong, P; Babri, S; Choi, T; Castro de Jong, D; Gallego, G
2024-05-31Translation and cross‑cultural adaptation of Osteoporosis Knowledge Assessment Tool (OKAT) for Chinese populations in AustraliaBronio, JB; Si, L; Lim, C; Tang, C
2024-05-07The evolving role of aged care managers in Australia: a content analysis of aged care manager job descriptionsAlford, S; Barter, S; Al Qaf'an, E; Lim, C
2024-04-12The ability of government policy to further promote the progression of enabling technologies for people living with disabilityChu, N; Bye, R; Lim, C
2024-03-06A review of therapeutic agents for breast cancer with potentially radiosensitizing propertiesZhang, Z; Lim, C; Feng, Z
2016-12-01Tai chi for chronic pain conditions: what does the meta‐analysis tell us?Yu, X; Lim, C; Zaslawski, C; Cheng, Y
2011-09-01Changes to booking, transfer criteria and procedures in birth centres in Australia from 1997-2007: A national surveyLaws, PJ; Lim, C; Tracy, SK; Dahlen, H; Sullivan, EA
2009-06-01Characteristics and practices of birth centres in AustraliaLaws, PJ; Lim, C; Tracy, S; Sullivan, EA
2009-01Characteristics And Practices Of Birth Centres In AustraliaLaws, P; Lim, C; Tracy, S; Sullivan, E
2007-03-12T22:05:46ZA Lumpable Finite-State Markov Model for Channel Prediction and Resource Allocation in OFDMA SystemsChoi, J; Chee, TK; Lim, C