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20-Sep-2019The efficacy of using acupuncture in managing polycystic ovarian syndrome.Chen, H; Lim, CED
2-Jul-2019Acupuncture for polycystic ovarian syndromeLim, CED; Ng, RWC; Cheng, NCL; Zhang, GS; Chen, H
12-Oct-2016Chinese herbal medicine for subfertile women with polycystic ovarian syndromeZhou, K; Zhang, J; Xu, L; Wu, T; Lim, CED
1-Dec-2013Non-hormonal methods for induction of labourLim, CED; Ng, RWC; Xu, K
25-Sep-2013Combined oestrogen and progesterone for preventing miscarriageLim, CED; Ho, KKW; Cheng, NCL; Wong, FWS
1-Dec-2012Observation of infiltration and activation of dendritic cells in primary foci of prostate cancer using fuzhengyiliufa integrative treatmentsPan, MW; Ye, N; Chen, ZQ; Gu, CM; Lim, CED
1-Dec-2012Preventive treatment for diseases: A practice model. a challenge for hospital management in the field of integrative medicineZhang, XZ; Ye, N; Pan, MW; Lim, CED
1-Jun-2012Chinese acupuncture expert system (CAES)-a useful tool to practice and learn medical acupunctureLam, CFD; Leung, KS; Heng, PA; Lim, CED; Shun Wong, FW
1-Mar-2012Xiao Shan Zhu Lin Si's secret gynaecological Chinese medicinal formulae - grappling with an ancient disease in modern timesLim, CED; Wong, WSF; Cheng, NCL
1-Feb-2012A single nucleotide polymorphism in EXO1 gene is associated with cervical cancer susceptibility in chinese patientsLuo, X; Hong, XS; Xiong, XD; Zeng, LQ; Lim, CED
2-Dec-2011Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of type A H1N1 influenza: A systematic review of randomized controlled trialsChen, W; Lim, CED; Kang, HJ; Liu, J
1-Dec-2011Clinician's role of psychological support in helping parents and families with pregnancy lossLim, CED; Cheng, NCL
16-Sep-2011Hormonal treatment for endometriosis associated pelvic painWong, WSF; Lim, CED
1-Sep-2011Obesity and reproductionLim, CED; Cheng, NCL
1-Jan-2011A retrospective study of laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) in virgins and nulliparaeWong, WSF; Lee, TCE; Lim, CED