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2024-02-15A scoping review into the service needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds living with disability to engage in meaningful occupations.Chu, N; Pho, J; Dark, L; Tan, A; Alford, S; Tang, CY; Ellison, C; Lim, D
2024-01Are Published Cancer Care Trial Protocols With Traditional Chinese Medicine Interventions Concordant With SPIRIT-TCM Extension 2018? A Scoping Review on Published Trial Protocols Between 2019 and 2022Lai, H; Yang, P; Wang, XS; Lim, D; Lam, A; Shi, Y; Huang, Y; Zhu, X
2023-11-01Public Mixed Funding for Residential Aged Care Facilities Residents’ Needs in the Asia–Pacific Region: A Scoping ReviewLim, D; Grady, A; Liu, K
2023-10What constitutes brilliant aged care? A qualitative study of practices that exceed expectation.Dadich, A; Kearns, R; Harris-Roxas, B; Ni Chroinin, D; Boydell, K; Ní Shé, É; Lim, D; Gonski, P; Kohler, F
2023-10Hexyl-pentynoic acid serves as a novel radiosensitizer for breast cancer by inhibiting UCHL3-dependent Rad51 deubiquitinationCai, Z; Lim, D; Jia, B; Liu, G; Ding, W; Wang, Z; Tian, Z; Peng, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-08Down with falls! Paramedicine scope regarding falls amongst older adults in rural and remote communities: A scoping review.Peters, A; Lim, D; Naidoo, N
2023-06Global research trends in radiotherapy for breast cancer: a systematic bibliometric analysis.Jia, B; Lim, D; Zhang, Y; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-06HDAC inhibitor HPTA initiates anti-tumor response by CXCL9/10-recruited CXCR3+CD4+T cells against PAHs carcinogenicity.Chen, C; Lim, D; Cai, Z; Zhang, F; Liu, G; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-05-14Barriers and Facilitators to Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use in Rural Australia.Arnold, AC; Fleet, R; Lim, D
2023-03-06Factors that sustain indigenous youth mentoring programs: a qualitative systematic review.Sanchez, J; Maiden, J; Barton, E; Walters, L; Quinn, D; Jones, N; Doyle, AK; Lim, D
2023-03-03A Qualitative Study of Rural and Remote Australian General Practitioners' Involvement in High-Acuity Patients.Turner, S; Isaac, V; Lim, D
2023-03-01Barriers and Facilitators to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Treatment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Rural South Australia: A Service Providers' Perspective.Lim, D; Phillips, E; Bradley, C; Ward, J
2023-02-13VPA mediates bidirectional regulation of cell cycle progression through the PPP2R2A-Chk1 signaling axis in response to HU.Su, B; Lim, D; Qi, C; Zhang, Z; Wang, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2023-02Valproic acid as a radio-sensitizer in glioma: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Sullivan, JK; Fahey, PP; Agho, KE; Hurley, SP; Feng, Z; Day, RO; Lim, D
2023-01-25The Natural Helper approach to culturally responsive disease management: protocol for a type 1 effectiveness-implementation cluster randomised controlled trial of a cultural mentor programme.Brady, B; Sidhu, B; Jennings, M; Saberi, G; Tang, C; Hassett, G; Boland, R; Dennis, S; Ashton-James, C; Refshauge, K; Descallar, J; Lim, D; Said, CM; Williams, G; Sayed, S; Naylor, JM
2023-01-03Factors associated with inadequate receipt of components and non-use of antenatal care services in India: a regional analysis.Nagdev, N; Ogbo, FA; Dhami, MV; Diallo, T; Lim, D; Agho, KE; Global Maternal and Child Health Research collaboration (GloMACH),
2023Development of a risk model to predict prognosis in breast cancer based on cGAS-STING-related genes.Chen, C; Wang, J; Dong, C; Lim, D; Feng, Z
2023The burden of non-disabled frailty and its associated factors among older adults in Bangladesh.Mistry, SK; Ali, ARMM; Yadav, UN; Ghimire, S; Anwar, A; Huda, MN; Khanam, F; Mahumud, RA; Parray, AA; Bhattacharjee, S; Lim, D; Harris, MF; Ahmed, S
2022-11-29Enablers and barriers to implementing obesity assessments in clinical practice: a rapid mixed-methods systematic review.Atlantis, E; Chimoriya, R; Seifu, CN; Peters, K; Murphy, G; Carr, B; Lim, D; Fahey, P
2022-11-28COVID-19 related anxiety and its associated factors: a cross-sectional study on older adults in Bangladesh.Mistry, SK; Ali, AM; Yadav, UN; Das, S; Akter, N; Huda, MN; Hadisuyatmana, S; Rahman, S; Lim, D; Rahman, MM