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4-Jun-2019Exploring the Brain Responses to Driving Fatigue Through Simultaneous EEG and fNIRS Measurements.Lin, C-T; King, J-T; Chuang, C-H; Ding, W; Chuang, W-Y; Liao, L-D; Wang, Y-K
Jun-2018Positive association between hypertension and urinary bladder cancer: epidemiologic evidence involving 79,236 propensity score-matched individuals.Kok, VC; Zhang, H-W; Lin, C-T; Huang, S-C; Wu, M-F
1-Jan-2017Fast Deformable Model for Pedestrian Detection with Haar-like FeaturesChou, K-P; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Chen, P-H; Vishwakarma, DK; Sundaram, S; Lin, C-T; Lin, W-C
2016Effect of a cognitive involving videogame on MI taskNascimben, M; Yu, Y-H; Lin, C-T; King, J-T; Singh, AK; Chuang, C
1-Oct-2013Design and Implementation of Wearable and Wireless Multi-Channel Brain-Computer Interface with the Novel Dry SensorsLiao, L-D; Chen, B-W; Tseng, KC; Ko, L-W; Wang, I-J; Chen, S-A; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
2013Boosted Vehicle Detection Using Local and Global FeaturesLin, C-T; Hsu, S-C; Lee, J-F; Yang, C-T
2013An Integrated Model for Simulating Activities and Optimizing Space Function in Educational FacilityDzeng, R-J; Lin, C-T; Hsiao, F-Y
1-Dec-2012A Low-Cost Multi-Electrode Array System for the Simultaneous Acquisition of Electrophysiological Signal and Cellular MorphologyChang, Y-J; Liao, L-D; Lin, C-T; Lai, H-Y; Chen, J-L; Yang, Y-T; Ting, Y-C; Huang, Y-P; Wu, R; Thakor, NV; Chen, Y-Y
1-Jun-2012Novel Trends in Biosensors Used for Electroencephalography Measurements in Neurocognitive Engineering ApplicationsLiao, L-D; Lin, C-T
29-Feb-2012A Rule-based Forecasting System Integrating combining and Single Forecast for Decision MakingLin, C-L; Lin, C-C; Z. Shyu, J; Lin, C-T
-Measuring Cognitive Conflict in Virtual Reality with Feedback-Related NegativitySingh, AK; Chen, H-T; King, J-T; Lin, C-T