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2017Inherent Fuzzy Entropy for the Improvement of EEG Complexity EvaluationCao, Z; Lin, C-T
2017Driver Drowsiness Estimation from EEG Signals Using Online Weighted Adaptation Regularization for Regression (OwARR)Wu, D; Lawhern, VJ; Gordon, S; Lance, BJ; Lin, C-T
Dec-2016Resting-state EEG power and coherence vary between migraine phases.Cao, Z; Lin, C-T; Chuang, C-H; Lai, K-L; Yang, AC; Fuh, J-L; Wang, S-J
31-Oct-2016New Flexible Silicone-Based EEG Dry Sensor Material Compositions Exhibiting Improvements in Lifespan, Conductivity, and Reliability.Yu, Y-H; Chen, S-H; Chang, C-L; Lin, C-T; Hairston, WD; Mrozek, RA
Jun-2016An EEG-Based Fatigue Detection and Mitigation System.Huang, K-C; Huang, T-Y; Chuang, C-H; King, J-T; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P
Mar-2016EEG Alpha and Gamma Modulators Mediate Motion Sickness-Related Spectral Responses.Chuang, S-W; Chuang, C-H; Yu, Y-H; King, J-T; Lin, C-T
17-Feb-2016Mind-Wandering Tends to Occur under Low Perceptual Demands during Driving.Lin, C-T; Chuang, C-H; Kerick, S; Mullen, T; Jung, T-P; Ko, L-W; Chen, S-A; King, J-T; McDowell, K
2016Effect of a cognitive involving videogame on MI taskNascimben, M; Yu, Y-H; Lin, C-T; King, J-T; Singh, AK; Chuang, C-H
5-Nov-2015Toward non-hair-bearing brain-computer interfaces for neurocognitive lapse detection.Wei, C-S; Wang, Y-T; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P
2015A simple communication system based on Brain Computer InterfaceSingh, AK; Wang, Y-K; King, J-T; Lin, C-T; Ko, L-W
2015Discovering monotonic stemness marker genes from time-series stem cell microarray data.Wang, H-W; Sun, H-J; Chang, T-Y; Lo, H-H; Cheng, W-C; Tseng, GC; Lin, C-T; Chang, S-J; Pal, N; Chung, I-F
13-Oct-2014Developing an EEG-based on-line closed-loop lapse detection and mitigation system.Wang, Y-T; Huang, K-C; Wei, C-S; Huang, T-Y; Ko, L-W; Lin, C-T; Cheng, C-K; Jung, T-P
4-Sep-2014Knowledge-based identification of sleep stages based on two forehead electroencephalogram channels.Huang, C-S; Lin, C-L; Ko, L-W; Liu, S-Y; Su, T-P; Lin, C-T
Sep-2014Sensor (group feature) selection with controlled redundancy in a connectionist framework.Chakraborty, R; Lin, C-T; Pal, NR
1-May-2014Kinesthesia in a sustained-attention driving task.Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
May-2014Simplified interval type-2 fuzzy neural networks.Lin, Y-Y; Liao, S-H; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
Apr-2014Wireless and wearable EEG system for evaluating driver vigilance.Lin, C-T; Chuang, C-H; Huang, C-S; Tsai, S-F; Lu, S-W; Chen, Y-H; Ko, L-W
Mar-2014Independent component ensemble of EEG for brain-computer interface.Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Lin, Y-P; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T
1-Oct-2013Design and Implementation of Wearable and Wireless Multi-Channel Brain-Computer Interface with the Novel Dry SensorsLiao, L-D; Chen, B-W; Tseng, KC; Ko, L-W; Wang, I-J; Chen, S-A; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
Oct-2013Can arousing feedback rectify lapses in driving? Prediction from EEG power spectra.Lin, C-T; Huang, K-C; Chuang, C-H; Ko, L-W; Jung, T-P