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2024-04-14From RIR to BRIR: A Sparse Recovery Beamforming Approach for Virtual Binaural Sound RenderingSun, H; Zhu, HY; Nguyen, MTD; Nguyen, V; Lin, C-T; Jin, CT
2024A Human-Centric Metaverse Enabled by Brain-Computer Interface: A SurveyZhu, HY; Hieu, NQ; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Lin, C-T
2024A Connectivity-Aware Graph Neural Network for Real-Time Drowsiness Classification.Zhuang, Z; Wang, Y-K; Chang, Y-C; Liu, J; Lin, C-T
2023-12-11Early Detection of Human Decision-Making in Concealed Object Visual Searching Tasks: An EEG-BiLSTM StudyTran, X-T; Do, TT-T; Lin, C-T
2023-12-11Classification of inattentional blindness using brain dynamics of ERPsTian, Y; Zhang, L; Do, TT-T; Liu, J; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T
2023-12-08EEG-BASED TNN for Driver Vigilance MonitoringSia, J; Chang, Y-C; Lin, C-T; Wang, Y-K
2023-12-04Online Ensemble of Ensemble OVA Framework for Class Evolution with Dominant Emerging ClassesCao, Z; Zhang, S; Lin, C-T
2023-12Higher Order Fractal Belief Rényi Divergence With Its Applications in Pattern Classification.Huang, Y; Xiao, F; Cao, Z; Lin, C-T
2023-11-22The comparison of EEG features in specific Mandarin words’ speechTsai, W-S; Huang, S-G; Huang, K-C; Chen, J-C; Lin, C-T
2023-11-09Explain Reinforcement Learning Agents Through Fuzzy Rule ReconstructionOu, L; Chang, Y-C; Wang, Y-K; Lin, C-T
2023-11-08MGRW-Transformer: Multigranularity Random Walk Transformer Model for Interpretable Learning.Ding, W; Geng, Y; Huang, J; Ju, H; Wang, H; Lin, C-T
2023-11Design and verification of a wearable wireless 64-channel high-resolution EEG acquisition system with wi-fi transmission.Lin, C-T; Wang, Y; Chen, S-F; Huang, K-C; Liao, L-D
2023-10-24Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Technologies for Enabling MetaverseZhu, H; Lin, C-T
2023-10-23An Evaluation of the Presentation of Acoustic Cues for Shorelining TechniquesNguyen, M; Zhu, H; Sun, H; Nguyen, V; Deverell, L; Singh, A; Jin, C; Lin, C-T
2023-10-01A binaural room impulse response dataset and Shorelining psychophysical task for the evaluation of auditory sensory augmentationSun, H; Nguyen, M; Zhu, H; Nguyen, V; Lin, C-T; Jin, C
2023-09-15Acoustic touch: An auditory sensing paradigmto support close reaching for people who are blindJin, C; Bell, J-A; Deverell, L; Gates, F; Gorodo, I; Shayikh, S; Lin, C-T; Melencio, M; Nguyen, V; Singh, A; Zhu, H
2023-05-23FedTP: Federated Learning by Transformer Personalization.Li, H; Cai, Z; Wang, J; Tang, J; Ding, W; Lin, C-T; Shi, Y
2023-05-01An EEG-based Experiment on VR Sickness and Postural Instability While Walking in Virtual EnvironmentsCortes, CAT; Lin, C-T; Do, T-TN; Chen, H-T
2023-02-15Robust Fuzzy Neural Network With an Adaptive Inference Engine.Zhang, L; Shi, Y; Chang, Y-C; Lin, C-T
2023-01-01Guest Editorial Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Data and Imaging—Part IITanveer, M; Lin, C-T; Singh, AK