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2022-12-01Modelling the Trust Value for Human Agents Based on Real-Time Human States in Human-Autonomous Teaming SystemsLin, CT; Fan, HY; Chang, YC; Ou, L; Liu, J; Wang, YK; Jung, TP
2022-11-01Cascaded Reinforcement Learning Agents for Large Action Spaces in Autonomous Penetration TestingTran, K; Standen, M; Kim, J; Bowman, D; Richer, T; Akella, A; Lin, CT
2022-11-01A Survey on Object Instance SegmentationSharma, R; Saqib, M; Lin, CT; Blumenstein, M
2022-11-01Large-Scale Fuzzy Least Squares Twin SVMs for Class Imbalance LearningGanaie, MA; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT
2022-10-01Guest Editorial Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Data and ImagingTanveer, M; Lin, CT; Kumar Singh, A
2022-09-01Spatial-temporal attention-based convolutional network with text and numerical information for stock price predictionLin, CT; Wang, YK; Huang, PL; Shi, Y; Chang, YC
2022-08-01Position-aware image captioning with spatial relationDuan, Y; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-08-01Effects of Multisensory Distractor Interference on Attentional DrivingLin, CT; Tian, Y; Wang, YK; Do, TTN; Chang, YL; King, JT; Huang, KC; Liao, LD
2022-06-10Intuitionistic Fuzzy Weighted Least Squares Twin SVMs.Tanveer, M; Ganaie, MA; Bhattacharjee, A; Lin, CT
2022-04-01Computational Model of Robot Trust in Human Co-Worker for Physical Human-Robot CollaborationWang, Q; Liu, D; Carmichael, MG; Aldini, S; Lin, CT
2022-01-01A Complex Weighted Discounting Multisource Information Fusion With Its Application in Pattern ClassificationXiao, F; Cao, Z; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Erratum: Predicting the Quality of Spatial Learning via Virtual Global Landmarks (IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (2022) 30 (2418-2425) DOI: 10.1109/TNSRE.2022.3199713)Liu, J; Singh, AK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Detection and Estimation of Cognitive Conflict During Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Singh, AK; Leong, D; Wang, YK; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Deep Learning Inspired Feature Engineering for Classifying Tremor SeverityTaee, AA; Hosseini, S; Khushaba, RN; Zia, T; Lin, CT; Al-Jumaily, A
2022-01-01Recognizing Tonal and Non-Tonal Mandarin Sentences for EEG-based Brain-Computer InterfaceYang, SR; Jung, TP; Lin, CT; Huang, KC; Wei, CS; Chiueh, H; Hsin, YL; Liou, GT; Wang, LC
2022-01-01Federated Fuzzy Neural Network with Evolutionary Rule LearningZhang, L; Shi, Y; Chang, YC; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Interval-valued aggregation functions based on Moderate deviations applied to Motor-Imagery-Based Brain Computer InterfaceFumanal-Idocin, J; Takac, Z; Fernandez, J; Sanz, JA; Goyena, H; Lin, CT; Wang, Y; Bustince, H
2022-01-01Implicit Robot Control using Error-related Potential-based Brain-Computer InterfaceWang, X; Chen, HT; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Distributed Semi-supervised Fuzzy Regression with Interpolation Consistency RegularizationShi, Y; Zhang, L; Cao, Z; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT
2022-01-01Community detection in multiplex networks based on evolutionary multi-task optimization and evolutionary clustering ensembleLyu, C; Shi, Y; Sun, L; Lin, CT