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2020-02-01Current trends of granular data mining for biomedical data analysisDing, W; Lin, CT; Liew, AWC; Triguero, I; Luo, W
2020-02-01A fast fused part-based model with new deep feature for pedestrian detection and security monitoringCheng, EJ; Prasad, M; Yang, J; Khanna, P; Chen, BH; Tao, X; Young, KY; Lin, CT
2020-01-01Generalized C<inf>F<inf>1</inf>F<inf>2</inf></inf>-integrals: From Choquet-like aggregation to ordered directionally monotone functionsDimuro, GP; Lucca, G; Bedregal, B; Mesiar, R; Sanz, JA; Lin, CT; Bustince, H
2020-01-01Exploring the Brain Responses to Driving Fatigue through Simultaneous EEG and fNIRS MeasurementsLin, CT; King, JT; Chuang, CH; Ding, W; Chuang, WY; Liao, LD; Wang, YK
2019-12-01Temporal EEG imaging for drowsy driving predictionCheng, EJ; Young, KY; Lin, CT
2019-12-01The effects of different fatigue levels on brain–behavior relationships in drivingHuang, KC; Chuang, CH; Wang, YK; Hsieh, CY; King, JT; Lin, CT
2019-11-14Analysis of VR sickness and gait parameters during non-isometric virtualwalking with large translational gainCortes, CAT; Chen, HT; Lin, CT
2019-11-12Analysis of VR sickness and gait parameters during non-isometric virtualwalking with large translational gainCortes, CAT; Chen, HT; Lin, CT
2019-11-01Design and verification of a dry sensor-based multi-channel digital active circuit for human brain electroencephalography signal acquisition systemsLin, CT; Liu, CH; Wang, PS; King, JT; Liao, LD
2019-11-01Subject adaptation network for EEG data analysisMing, Y; Ding, W; Pelusi, D; Wu, D; Wang, YK; Prasad, M; Lin, CT
2019-10-01Effects of Task Complexity on Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer InterfaceMashat, MEM; Lin, CT; Zhang, D
2019-10-01Multiclass Fuzzy Time-Delay Common Spatio-Spectral Patterns with Fuzzy Information Theoretic Optimization for EEG-Based Regression Problems in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)Reddy, TK; Arora, V; Behera, L; Wang, YK; Lin, CT
2019-07-01Deep neuro-cognitive co-evolution for fuzzy attribute reduction by quantum leaping PSO with nearest-neighbor memeplexesDing, W; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2019-07-01Deep Sparse Representation Classifier for facial recognition and detection systemCheng, EJ; Chou, KP; Rajora, S; Jin, BH; Tanveer, M; Lin, CT; Young, KY; Lin, WC; Prasad, M
2019-07-01Shared Nearest-Neighbor Quantum Game-Based Attribute Reduction with Hierarchical Coevolutionary Spark and Its Application in Consistent Segmentation of Neonatal Cerebral Cortical SurfacesDing, W; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2019-06-01Exploring the Impact of Evolutionary Computing based Feature Selection in Suicidal Ideation DetectionSawhney, R; Shah, RR; Bhatia, V; Lin, CT; Aggarwal, S; Prasad, M
2019-06-01Identifying Ketamine Responses in Treatment-Resistant Depression Using a Wearable Forehead EEGCao, Z; Lin, CT; Ding, W; Chen, MH; Li, CT; Su, TP
2019-06-01A self-adaptive artificial bee colony algorithm with local search for TSK-type neuro-fuzzy system trainingChou, KP; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
2019-06-01Neural Comodulation of Independent Brain Processes Related to MultitaskingDo, TTN; Chuang, CH; Hsiao, SJ; Lin, CT; Wang, YK
2019-06-01A Fuzzy Multilayer Assessment Method for EFQMDaniel, J; Naderpour, M; Lin, CT