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2023-03-01Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading for Residential Prosumers With Photovoltaic and Battery Storage SystemsWang, J; Zhang, J; Li, L; Lin, Y
2023-02-15Immunopotentiating Activity of Fucoidans and Relevance to Cancer Immunotherapy.Li, Y; McGowan, E; Chen, S; Santos, J; Yin, H; Lin, Y
2023-01-20Composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in wastewater treatment plants influent affects the efficiency of carbon and nitrogen removal.Wen, L; Yang, F; Li, X; Liu, S; Lin, Y; Hu, E; Gao, L; Li, M
2023Does Random Auction Ending Curb Stock Price Manipulation?Lin, Y; Michayluk, D; Zou, M
2022-12-15A critical review on cathode modification methods for efficient Electro-Fenton degradation of persistent organic pollutantsLin, Y; Huo, P; Li, F; Chen, X; Yang, L; Jiang, Y; Zhang, Y; Ni, BJ; Zhou, M
2022-11-30Regulatory Effects and Mechanism of Action of Green Tea Polyphenols on Osteogenesis and Adipogenesis in Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells.Lao, W; Zhao, Y; Tan, Y; Johnson, M; Li, Y; Xiao, L; Cheng, J; Lin, Y; Qu, X
2022-11-10Laminaria japonica Peptides Suppress Liver Cancer by Inducing Apoptosis: Possible Signaling Pathways and Mechanism.Wu, Y; Li, Y; Guo, W; Liu, J; Lao, W; Hu, P; Lin, Y; Chen, H
2022-10The HN1/HMGB1 axis promotes the proliferation and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma and attenuates the chemosensitivity to oxaliplatin.Wang, R; Fu, Y; Yao, M; Cui, X; Zhao, Y; Lu, X; Li, Y; Lin, Y; He, S
2022-07-01Point Adversarial Self-Mining: A Simple Method for Facial Expression RecognitionLiu, P; Lin, Y; Meng, Z; Lu, L; Deng, W; Zhou, JT; Yang, Y
2022-01-21Targeting Chronic Inflammation of the Digestive System in Cancer Prevention: Modulators of the Bioactive Sphingolipid Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Pathway.McGowan, EM; Lin, Y; Chen, S
2022-01-01Dual Mutual Robust Graph Convolutional Network for Weakly Supervised Node Classification in Social Networks of Internet of PeopleLi, B; Wu, J; Pi, D; Lin, Y
2022-01-01StrokePEO: Construction of a Clinical Ontology for Physical Examination of StrokeGu, Z; Yang, X; Jia, W; Xu, C; Yu, P; He, X; Chen, H; Lin, Y
2022Metformin Alleviates Endometriosis and Potentiates Endometrial Receptivity via Decreasing VEGF and MMP9 and Increasing Leukemia Inhibitor Factor and HOXA10.Cheng, J; Li, C; Ying, Y; Lv, J; Qu, X; McGowan, E; Lin, Y; Zhu, X
2022Effective management of atherosclerosis progress and hyperlipidemia with nattokinase: A clinical study with 1,062 participants.Chen, H; Chen, J; Zhang, F; Li, Y; Wang, R; Zheng, Q; Zhang, X; Zeng, J; Xu, F; Lin, Y
2022Expression Profile of Sphingosine Kinase 1 Isoforms in Human Cancer Tissues and Cells: Importance and Clinical Relevance of the Neglected 1b-Isoform.Chen, H; Haddadi, N; Zhu, X; Hatoum, D; Chen, S; Nassif, NT; Lin, Y; McGowan, EM
2022A monoclonal antibody against basic fibroblast growth factor attenuates cisplatin resistance in lung cancer by suppressing the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.Hu, P; So, K; Chen, H; Lin, Q; Xu, M; Lin, Y
2021-12-15Interfacial polymerization of thin film selective membrane layers: Effect of polyketone substratesGuan, K; Sasaki, Y; Jia, Y; Gonzales, RR; Zhang, P; Lin, Y; Li, Z; Matsuyama, H
2021-12-01Uncovering cell identity through differential stability with CepoKim, HJ; Wang, K; Chen, C; Lin, Y; Tam, PPL; Lin, DM; Yang, JYH; Yang, P
2021-11-16A Model Predictive Control for Cotton Farm Microgrid Systems in AustraliaLin, Y; Zhang, J; Li, L
2021-11-16Optimal Investment Decision for Cotton Farm Microgrid DesignLin, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, J; Li, L