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2022-07-25Sleep Apnea Detection Using Multi-Error-Reduction Classification System with Multiple Bio-Signals.Li, X; Leung, FHF; Su, S; Ling, SH
2022-06-23Intelligent depression detection with asynchronous federated optimization.Li, J; Jiang, M; Qin, Y; Zhang, R; Ling, SH
2022-05-05Evolving Optimised Convolutional Neural Networks for Lung Cancer ClassificationPfeffer, MA; Ling, SH
2022-03-01An Improved SLIC Algorithm for Segmentation of Microscopic Cell ImagesHe, F; Parvez Mahmud, MA; Kouzani, AZ; Anwar, A; Jiang, F; Ling, SH
2022-02-23Auto-Denoising for EEG Signals Using Generative Adversarial Network.An, Y; Lam, HK; Ling, SH
2022-01-18Joint Spine Segmentation and Noise Removal from Ultrasound Volume Projection Images with Selective Feature Sharing.Huang, Z; Zhao, R; Leung, FHF; Banerjee, Sunetra; Lee, TT-Y; Yang, D; Lun, DPK; Lam, K-M; Zheng, Y-P; Ling, SH
2022-01-01Ultrasound spine image segmentation using multi-scale feature fusion Skip-Inception U-Net (SIU-Net)Banerjee, S; Lyu, J; Huang, Z; Leung, FHF; Lee, T; Yang, D; Su, S; Zheng, Y; Ling, SH
2022-01-01DeepMMSA: A Novel Multimodal Deep Learning Method for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Survival AnalysisWu, Y; Ma, J; Huang, X; Ling, SH; Weidong Su, S
2022-01-01Intra-Body Molecular Communication via Blood-Tissue Barrier for Internet of Bio-Nano ThingsAl-Zubi, MM; Mohan, AS; Plapper, P; Ling, SH
2021-11-01Light-convolution dense selection u-net (Lds u-net) for ultrasound lateral bony feature segmentationBanerjee, Sunetra; Lyu, J; Huang, Z; Leung, HFF; Lee, TTY; Yang, D; Su, S; Zheng, Y; Ling, SH
2021-08-03Edge Artificial Intelligence: Real-Time Noninvasive Technique for Vital Signs of Myocardial Infarction Recognition Using Jetson NanoMohan, HM; Anitha, S; Chai, R; Ling, SH
2021-07-01VerSe: A Vertebrae Labelling and Segmentation Benchmark for Multi-detector CT ImagesSekuboyina, A; Husseini, ME; Bayat, A; Löffler, M; Liebl, H; Li, H; Tetteh, G; Kukačka, J; Payer, C; Štern, D; Urschler, M; Chen, M; Cheng, D; Lessmann, N; Hu, Y; Wang, T; Yang, D; Xu, D; Ambellan, F; Amiranashvili, T; Ehlke, M; Lamecker, H; Lehnert, S; Lirio, M; de Olaguer, NP; Ramm, H; Sahu, M; Tack, A; Zachow, S; Jiang, T; Ma, X; Angerman, C; Wang, X; Brown, K; Kirszenberg, A; Puybareau, É; Chen, D; Bai, Y; Rapazzo, BH; Yeah, T; Zhang, A; Xu, S; Hou, F; He, Z; Zeng, C; Xiangshang, Z; Liming, X; Netherton, TJ; Mumme, RP; Court, LE; Huang, Z; He, C; Wang, L-W; Ling, SH; Huỳnh, LD; Boutry, N; Jakubicek, R; Chmelik, J; Mulay, S; Sivaprakasam, M; Paetzold, JC; Shit, S; Ezhov, I; Wiestler, B; Glocker, B; Valentinitsch, A; Rempfler, M; Menze, BH; Kirschke, JS
2021-06-01A novel hybrid gravitational search particle swarm optimization algorithmKhan, TA; Ling, SH
2021-04-13DA-GAN: Learning structured noise removal in ultrasound volume projection imaging for enhanced spine segmentationHuang, Z; Zhao, R; Leung, FHF; Lam, KM; Ling, SH; Lyu, J; Banerjee, Sunetra; Lee, TTY; Yang, D; Zheng, YP
2021-04-03Guest Editorial: Artificial‐intelligence‐based network security and computing technologies in wireless networksAnil Kumar, B; Ling, SH; Chiung Ching, PH; TORII, S
2021-04Dual-task ultrasound spine transverse vertebrae segmentation network with contour regularization.Lyu, J; Bi, X; Banerjee, Sunetra; Huang, Z; Leung, FHF; Lee, TT-Y; Yang, D-D; Zheng, Y-P; Ling, SH
2021-04A neuron image segmentation method based Deep Boltzmann Machine and CV model.He, F; Huang, X; Wang, X; Qiu, S; Jiang, F; Ling, SH
2021-02-06A novel algorithm for automatic diagnosis of sleep apnea from airflow and oximetry signals.Uddin, MB; Chow, CM; Ling, SH; Su, SW
2021-01-11Ultrasound volume projection image quality selection by ranking from convolutional RankNet.Lyu, J; Ling, SH; Banerjee, Sunetra; Zheng, JY; Lai, KL; Yang, D; Zheng, YP; Bi, X; Su, S; Chamoli, U
2021-01-01Structure-Enhanced Attentive Learning for Spine Segmentation from Ultrasound Volume Projection ImagesZhao, R; Huang, Z; Liu, T; Leung, FHF; Ling, SH; Yang, D; Lee, TTY; Lun, DPK; Zheng, YP; Lam, KM