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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-12Unlocking the value of food waste: A case study of co-digestion in the Western Parkland CityJazbec, M; Liu, A; Rutovitz, J; Nghiem, D; Turner, A
2023-03-01An intelligence-based hybrid PSO-SA for mobile robot path planning in warehouseLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2023-02-24Water Efficiency Program PlanningMukheibir, P; Jones, A; Butler, A; Kim, Y; Liu, A
2022-12-19A Method for Non-line of Sight Identification and Delay Correction for UWB Indoor PositioningLiu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-12-08Locally Random Sampling for Practical Privacy Protection in Federated LearningWang, W; Liu, S; Liu, A; Liang, CJ; Yu, S
2022-10-27A Succinct Method for Non-Line-of-Sight Mitigation for Ultra-Wideband Indoor Positioning System.Liu, A; Lin, S; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-10-06Evolving Gradient Boost: A Pruning Scheme Based on Loss Improvement Ratio for Learning Under Concept Drift.Wang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2022-10NSW Water Efficiency Framework ReportButler, A; Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Liu, A
2022-09-01A Review of Path-Planning Approaches for Multiple Mobile RobotsLin, S; Liu, A; Wang, J; Kong, X
2022-08NSW Water Efficiency FrameworkButler, A; Fane, S; Mukheibir, P; Liu, A
2022-06-30Anticipating Digital Transformation: The Evolution of Residential Water Efficiency Technologies and OptionsButler, A; Wakefield-Rann, R; Fane, S; Watson, R; Liu, A
2022-06-28Elastic gradient boosting decision tree with adaptive iterations for concept drift adaptationWang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Song, Y; Xiong, L; Zhang, G
2022-04-09A Segment-Based Drift Adaptation Method for Data Streams.Song, Y; Lu, J; Liu, A; Lu, H; Zhang, G
2022-01-11Real-Time Prediction System of Train Carriage Load Based on Multi-Stream Fuzzy LearningYu, H; Lu, J; Liu, A; Wang, B; Li, R; Zhang, G
2022-01-01Helix-HPSO approach for UAV path planning in a multi-building environmentLin, S; Kong, X; Wang, J; Liu, A
2022-01-01Concept Drift Detection Delay IndexLiu, A; Lu, J; Song, Y; Xuan, J; Zhang, G
2022-01-01An Empirical Study of Fuzzy Decision Tree for Gradient Boosting EnsembleLiu, Z; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Long, G; Yu, X; Wang, S
2021-11-13Development of Swarm Intelligence Leader-Vicsek-Model for Multi-AGV Path PlanningLin, S; Liu, A; Kong, X; Wang, J
2021-11Progressing Water Efficiency in Regional NSWWatson, R; Fane, S; Butler, A; Falletta, J; Liu, A; Mukheibir, P
2021-09-01Dynamic buckling of rotationally restrained FG porous arches reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets under a uniform step loadYang, Z; Wu, D; Yang, J; Lai, SK; Lv, J; Liu, A; Fu, J