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2023-09Trusted AI in Multiagent Systems: An Overview of Privacy and Security for Distributed LearningMa, C; Li, J; Wei, K; Liu, B; Ding, M; Yuan, L; Han, Z; Vincent Poor, H
2023-07-07After-hours consultations and antibiotic prescribing for self-limiting upper respiratory tract infections in primary-care practices.Peng, Z; He, W-Q; Hayen, A; Hall, J; Liu, B
2023-06-16Regional Scanning Strategy of UAV Cluster Platform for Mobile Emergency BroadcastingGuo, L; Xiong, J; Zhou, J; Liu, B
2023-06-16Federated Learning Technology in Serial Topology for IoT NetworksSheng, J; Xiong, J; Liu, B
2023-05Regular high-frequency whole blood donation and risk of cardiovascular disease in middle-aged and older blood donors in Australia.Karki, S; Bell, KJL; Hayen, A; Liu, B; Cust, AE; Olynyk, JK; Irving, DO
2023-01-07Proactive Deepfake Defence via Identity WatermarkingZhao, Y; Liu, B; Ding, M; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Yu, X
2023-01-07TI2Net: Temporal Identity Inconsistency Network for Deepfake DetectionLiu, B; Liu, B; Ding, M; Zhu, T; Yu, X
2023-01-01Adversarial Machine Learning: Attack Surfaces, Defence Mechanisms, Learning Theories in Artificial IntelligenceChivukula, AS; Yang, X; Liu, B; Liu, W; Zhou, W
2023Using multi-focus group method as an effective tool for eliciting business system requirements: Verified by a case study.Wu, RMX; Wang, Y; Shafiabady, N; Zhang, H; Yan, W; Gou, J; Shi, Y; Liu, B; Gide, E; Kang, C; Zhang, Z; Shen, B; Li, X; Fan, J; He, X; Soar, J; Zhao, H; Sun, L; Huo, W; Wang, Y; Mucharreira, PR
2023RDP-GAN: A Rényi-Differential Privacy Based Generative Adversarial NetworkMa, C; Li, J; Ding, M; Liu, B; Wei, K; Weng, J; Poor, HV
2022-11Lanthanide Ion Resonance-Driven Rayleigh Scattering of Nanoparticles for Dual-Modality Interferometric Scattering Microscopy.Ding, L; Shan, X; Wang, D; Liu, B; Du, Z; Di, X; Chen, C; Maddahfar, M; Zhang, L; Shi, Y; Reece, P; Halkon, B; Aharonovich, I; Xu, X; Wang, F
2022-09-14Exploiting Dynamic Nonlinearity in Upconversion Nanoparticles for Super-Resolution Imaging.Chen, C; Ding, L; Liu, B; Du, Z; Liu, Y; Di, X; Shan, X; Lin, C; Zhang, M; Xu, X; Zhong, X; Wang, J; Chang, L; Halkon, B; Chen, X; Cheng, F; Wang, F
2022-08-28IdentityDP: Differential private identification protection for face imagesWen, Y; Liu, B; Ding, M; Xie, R; Song, L
2022-07-25Hiding Among Your Neighbors: Face Image Privacy Protection with Differential Private k-anonymityCao, J; Liu, B; Wen, Y; Zhu, Y; Xie, R; Song, L; Li, L; Yin, Y
2022-07-23Lanthanide ions in nanocrystals for biophotonics applicationChen, C; Liu, B; Liao, J; Ding, L; Shan, X; Wang, F; Liu, J; Jia, B; Yao, X; Wang, Y; Cao, L; Nomura, T
2022-05-30Efficient and Privacy-preserving Blockchain-based Multi-factor Device Authentication Protocol for Cross-domain IIoTZhang, Y; Li, B; Wu, J; Liu, B; Chen, R; Chang, J
2022-05-01On the predictive power of tweet sentiments and attention on bitcoinSuardi, S; Rasel, AR; Liu, B
2022-02-28HCDC-SRCF tracker: Learning an adaptively multi-feature fuse tracker in spatial regularized correlation filters frameworkLiu, B; Chang, X; Yuan, D; Yang, Y
2022-02-07Health, social and economic implications of adolescent risk behaviours/states: protocol for Raine Study Gen2 cohort data linkage study.Marino, JL; Tait, RJ; Straker, LM; Schofield, DJ; Doherty, DA; Ivers, RQ; Graham, PL; Steinbeck, K; Lymer, S; Sanci, LA; Patton, GC; Liu, B; Brooks, FM; Kang, MS; Hickey, M; Cunich, M; Bista, S; Skinner, SR
2022-02-01Private-encoder: Enforcing privacy in latent space for human face imagesZhao, Y; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Ding, M; Zhou, W