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2022-04-11The Anti-ROR1 Monoclonal Antibody Zilovertamab Inhibits the Proliferation of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer CellsLiu, D; Kaufmann, GF; Breitmeyer, JB; Dickson, K-A; Marsh, DJ; Ford, CE
2022Integrated Care for Multimorbidity Population in Asian Countries: A Scoping ReviewLin, J; Islam, K; Leeder, S; Huo, Z; Hung, CT; Yeoh, EK; Gillespie, J; Dong, H; Askildsen, JE; Liu, D; Cao, Q; Yip, BHK; Castelli, A
2021-12-09Real-time Estimation of the Strength Capacity of the Upper Limb for Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Lai, Y; Carmichael, MG; Paul, G; Liu, D
2021-12-01Predictive End-Effector Control of Manipulators on Moving Platforms under DisturbanceWoolfrey, J; Lu, W; Liu, D
2021-10-22An organotypic model of high-grade serous ovarian cancer to test the anti-metastatic potential of ROR2 targeted Polyion complex nanoparticles.Joshi, N; Liu, D; Dickson, K-A; Marsh, DJ; Ford, CE; Stenzel, MH
2021-10-18Prediction-Error Negativity to Assess Singularity Avoidance Strategies in Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Singh, AK; Carmichael, M; Wang, Y-K; Liu, D; Lin, C-T
2021-09-01Learning from EPI-Volume-Stack for Light Field image angular super-resolutionLiu, D; Wu, Q; Huang, Y; Huang, X; An, P
2021-04-13Reconstructing the Surface Structure of NaREF<inf>4</inf>Upconversion Nanocrystals with a Novel K<sup>+</sup>TreatmentLiu, D; Xu, X; Du, Y; Liao, J; Wen, S; Dong, X; Jin, Y; Liu, L; Jin, D; Capobianco, JA; Shen, D
2021-04-07Effect of PM2.5 pollution on perinatal mortality in ChinaLi, G; Li, L; Liu, D; Qin, J; Zhu, H
2021-04-01Facile and rapid assembly of high-performance tannic acid thin-film nanofiltration membranes via Fe<sup>3+</sup> intermediated regulation and coordinationLiu, D; Chen, Y; Tran, TT; Zhang, G
2021-03-08Low-Temperature-Induced Controllable Transversal Shell Growth of NaLnF4 NanocrystalsLiu, D; Jin, Y; Dong, X; Liu, L; Jin, D; Capobianco, JA; Shen, D
2021-02-23A framework for multi-robot coverage analysis of large and complex structuresDai, P; Hassan, M; Sun, X; Zhang, M; Bian, Z; Liu, D
2021-01-01Towards a Pantograph-based Interventional AUV for Under-ice MeasurementsByun, H; Kim, J; Liu, D; Woolfrey, J
2021-01Investigating the relationship between social care supply and healthcare utilization by older people in England.Liu, D; Pace, ML; Goddard, M; Jacobs, R; Wittenberg, R; Mason, A
2020-12-01Assessing the design of China's complex health system – Concerns on equity and efficiencyWang, Y; Castelli, A; Cao, Q; Liu, D
2020-11-06SAANet: Siamese action-units attention network for improving dynamic facial expression recognitionLiu, D; Ouyang, X; Xu, S; Zhou, P; He, K; Wen, S
2020-10-25Dec-PPCPP: A Decentralized Predator–Prey-based Approach to Adaptive coverage Path Planning Amid Moving ObstaclesLiu, D; Hassan, M; Mustafic, D
2020-10-25A Model for Optimizing the Size of Climbing Robots for Navigating Truss StructuresLiu, D; Au, W; Sakaue, T
2020-10-24The SPIR: An Autonomous Underwater Robot for Bridge Pile Cleaning and Condition AssessmentLe, K; To, A; Leighton, B; Hassan, M; Liu, D
2020-10Perceived benefits and barriers of a prototype early alert system to detect engagement and support ‘at-risk’ students: The teacher perspectiveAtif, A; Richards, D; Liu, D; Bilgin, AA