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2023-01-01Modular transfer learning with transition mismatch compensation for excessive disturbance rejectionWang, T; Lu, W; Yu, H; Liu, D
2023Higher fees and out-of-pocket costs in radiotherapy point to a need for funding reformvan Gool, K; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Liu, D; Yu, S; Webster, SBG; Moradi, B; Aranda, S
2022-10Endogenous Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate, But Not Acetylcholine or Histamine, is Associated with Asthma Control, Quality of Life, and Exacerbations.Fang, XM; Liu, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Wang, L; Zhang, L; Zhang, HP; Liu, L; Huang, D; Liu, D; Deng, K; Luo, FM; Wan, HJ; Li, WM; Wang, G; Oliver, BG
2022-09-01Systematic Identification of the Influencing Factors for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry Based on LDA-DEMATEL-ANPLi, H; Han, Z; Zhang, J; Philbin, SP; Liu, D; Ke, Y
2022-09-01Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program – Final ReportPage, K; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kim, Y; Liu, D; Kenny, P; Van Gool, K; Viney, R
2022-09Development and validation of a noninvasive prediction model for identifying eosinophilic asthma.Li, M; Wen Ma, Z; Jun Deng, S; Oliver, BG; Wang, T; Ping Zhang, H; Wang, L; McDonald, VM; Wang, J; Liu, D; Gibson, PG; Ming Luo, F; Min Li, W; Jing Wan, H; Wang, G
2022-07Sputum Metabolomic Profiling Reveals Metabolic Pathways and Signatures Associated With Inflammatory Phenotypes in Patients With Asthma.Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, L; Oliver, BG; Wang, HG; Liu, ZP; Chen, ZH; Wood, L; Hsu, AC-Y; Xie, M; McDonald, V; Wan, HJ; Luo, FM; Liu, D; Li, WM; Wang, G
2022-05How do clinical quality and patient satisfaction vary with provider size in primary care? Evidence from English general practice panel data.Gravelle, H; Liu, D; Santos, R
2022-04-11The Anti-ROR1 Monoclonal Antibody Zilovertamab Inhibits the Proliferation of Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer CellsLiu, D; Kaufmann, GF; Breitmeyer, JB; Dickson, K-A; Marsh, DJ; Ford, CE
2022-04-01Computational Model of Robot Trust in Human Co-Worker for Physical Human-Robot CollaborationWang, Q; Liu, D; Carmichael, MG; Aldini, S; Lin, CT
2022-04Optimizing deep neural networks to predict the effect of social distancing on COVID-19 spread.Liu, D; Ding, W; Dong, ZS; Pedrycz, W
2022-02-23Does the presence of general practitioners in emergency departments affect quality and safety in English NHS hospitals? A retrospective observational study.Gaughan, J; Liu, D; Gutacker, N; Bloor, K; Doran, T; Benger, JR
2022-01-01A Novel Continuum Robot With Stiffness Variation Capability Using Layer Jamming: Design, Modeling, and ValidationFan, Y; Liu, D; Ye, L
2022-01-01Detection and Estimation of Cognitive Conflict During Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Singh, AK; Leong, D; Wang, YK; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Lin, CT
2022-01-01An Optimal Dynamic Control Method for Robots with Virtual LinksWoolfrey, J; Liu, D
2022-01-01Domain Adaptive Nuclei Instance Segmentation and Classification via Category-Aware Feature Alignment and Pseudo-LabellingLi, C; Liu, D; Li, H; Zhang, Z; Lu, G; Chang, X; Cai, W; Wang, L; Dou, Q; Fletcher, PT; Speidel, S; Li, S
2022-01-01Enhancing learning by Open Learner Model (OLM) driven data designKay, J; Bartimote, K; Kitto, K; Kummerfeld, B; Liu, D; Reimann, P
2022General practitioners working in or alongside the emergency department: the GPED mixed-methods studyBenger, J; Brant, H; Scantlebury, A; Anderson, H; Baxter, H; Bloor, K; Brandling, J; Cowlishaw, S; Doran, T; Gaughan, J; Gibson, A; Gutacker, N; Leggett, H; Liu, D; Morton, K; Purdy, S; Salisbury, C; Vaittinen, A; Voss, S; Watson, R; Adamson, J
2022Integrated Care for Multimorbidity Population in Asian Countries: A Scoping ReviewLin, J; Islam, K; Leeder, S; Huo, Z; Hung, CT; Yeoh, EK; Gillespie, J; Dong, H; Askildsen, JE; Liu, D; Cao, Q; Yip, BHK; Castelli, A
2021-12-09Real-time Estimation of the Strength Capacity of the Upper Limb for Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Lai, Y; Carmichael, MG; Paul, G; Liu, D