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2023-07-01Impacts of site real-time adaptive control of water-sensitive urban designs on the stormwater trunk drainage systemMeng, X; Li, X; Charteris, A; Wang, Z; Naushad, M; Nghiem, LD; Liu, H; Wang, Q
2023-06-01Achieving expanded sludge treatment capacity with additional benefits for an anaerobic digester using free ammonia pretreatmentLiu, H; Li, X; Zhang, Z; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Batstone, DJ; Wang, Q
2023-06-01Long-term effect of free ammonia pretreatment on the semi-continuous anaerobic primary sludge digester for enhancing performance: Towards sustainable sludge treatmentLiu, H; Li, X; Zhou, T; Zhang, Z; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2023-06-01MbSRS: A multi-behavior streaming recommender systemZhao, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Liu, H
2023-05-01Sulfite pretreatment enhances the medium-chain fatty acids production from waste activated sludge anaerobic fermentation.Li, X; Liu, H; Zhang, Z; Zhou, T; Wang, Q
2023-04Zone of flow: A new finding on the characteristics of airflow within the zone of influence during air sparging in aquifers.Cheng, K; Zhang, T; Peng, K; Feng, Y; Liu, H; Medawela, S
2023-03Failure modes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Li, X; Yan, L; Li, D; Fan, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Jiu, J; Yang, Z; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2023-02-18Electrolyte design principles for developing quasi-solid-state rechargeable halide-ion batteries.Yang, X; Zhang, B; Tian, Y; Wang, Y; Fu, Z; Zhou, D; Liu, H; Kang, F; Li, B; Wang, C; Wang, G
2023-02-05A review on microalgae-mediated biotechnology for removing pharmaceutical contaminants in aqueous environments: Occurrence, fate, and removal mechanism.Zhou, T; Zhang, Z; Liu, H; Dong, S; Nghiem, LD; Gao, L; Chaves, AV; Zamyadi, A; Li, X; Wang, Q
2023-01-01Self-assembly of gelatin microcarrier-based MSC microtissues for spinal cord injury repairLiu, H; Yan, X; Jiu, J; Li, JJ; Zhang, Y; Wang, G; Li, D; Yan, L; Du, Y; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2022-12-20Urine pretreatment significantly promotes methane production in anaerobic waste activated sludge digestion.Liu, H; Li, X; Zhang, Z; Nghiem, LD; Wang, Q
2022-12-01Occurrence of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation bacteria in the continental shelf sedimentsCheng, J; You, H; Tian, M; Kuang, S; Liu, S; Chen, H; Li, X; Liu, H; Liu, T
2022-11-25A novel aquatic worm (Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri) conditioning method for enhancing sludge dewaterability by decreasing filamentous bacteria.Ding, W; Zhou, X; Jin, W; Zhao, Z; Gao, S; Chen, Y; Han, W; Liu, H; Wang, Q
2022-11-15Hierarchical construction of hollow NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanotube@NiCo<inf>2</inf>S<inf>4</inf> nanosheet arrays on Ni foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionBai, L; Song, A; Lei, X; Zhang, T; Song, S; Tian, H; Liu, H; Qin, X; Wang, G; Shao, G
2022-11-05Highly efficient Ag2O/Na-g-C3N4 heterojunction for photocatalytic desulfurization of thiophene in fuel under ambient air conditionsZhou, X; Wang, T; Zhang, L; Che, S; Liu, H; Liu, S; Wang, C; Su, D; Teng, Z
2022-11-03Recent Advances in Engineered Ru-Based Electrocatalysts for the Hydrogen/Oxygen Conversion ReactionsCao, X; Huo, J; Li, L; Qu, J; Zhao, Y; Chen, W; Liu, C; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-11-01Recent advances on MXene based materials for energy storage applicationsLong, MQ; Tang, KK; Xiao, J; Li, JY; Chen, J; Gao, H; Chen, WH; Liu, CT; Liu, H
2022-11-01Electrolyte design for rechargeable anion shuttle batteriesWang, Y; Yang, X; Zhang, Z; Hu, X; Meng, Y; Wang, X; Zhou, D; Liu, H; Li, B; Wang, G
2022-10-01One-Step Hydrothermal Reaction Induced Nitrogen-Doped MoS<inf>2</inf>/MXene Composites with Superior Lithium-Ion StorageGong, C; Long, M; Xiao, J; Li, J; Chen, J; Xiao, Y; Zhang, G; Gao, H; Liu, H
2022-10-01A new shift mechanism for micro-explosion of water-diesel emulsion droplets at different ambient temperaturesWang, Z; Yuan, B; Cao, J; Huang, Y; Cheng, X; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, H