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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-25Locally private Jaccard similarity estimationYan, Z; Wu, Q; Ren, M; Liu, J; Liu, S; Qiu, S
2019-12-01Nanoengineering Carbon Spheres as Nanoreactors for Sustainable Energy ApplicationsTian, H; Liang, J; Liu, J
2019-11-20Promoting green residential buildings by increasing homebuyers’ willingness to pay: Evidence from Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city in ChinaLiu, Y; Sun, X; Sun, T; Shi, X; Liu, J
2019-11-15Mesoscale analysis on ultra-high performance steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs under contact explosionsPeng, Y; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, J; Liang, X
2019-11-15HSIRD: A model for characterizing dynamics of malware diffusion in heterogeneous WSNsShen, S; Zhou, H; Feng, S; Huang, L; Liu, J; Yu, S; Cao, Q
2019-11-01Enhanced Hydrogenation Performance over Hollow Structured Co-CoOx@N-C CapsulesTian, H; Liu, X; Dong, L; Ren, X; Liu, H; Price, CAH; Li, Y; Wang, G; Yang, Q; Liu, J
2019-10-15Hilbert fractal acoustic metamaterials with negative mass density and bulk modulus on subwavelength scaleMan, X; Luo, Z; Liu, J; Xia, B
2019-10-01Blockchain Based Secure Package Delivery via RidesharingZhang, X; Liu, J; Li, Y; Cui, Q; Tao, X; Liu, RP
2019-09-11Encapsulating MnSe Nanoparticles Inside 3D Hierarchical Carbon Frameworks with Lithium Storage Boosted by in Situ Electrochemical Phase TransformationYang, T; Liu, J; Zhang, M; Yang, D; Zheng, J; Ju, Z; Cheng, J; Zhuang, J; Liu, Y; Zhong, J; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R; Guo, Z
2019-09-01Collaborative RFID agent simulation in dynamic environmentLiu, J; Chaczko, Z; Braun, R; Gudzbeler, G
2019-08-29Iron-related dietary pattern increases the risk of poor cognitionShi, Z; El-Obeid, T; Li, M; Xu, X; Liu, J
2019-08-15Experimental and numerical investigation of blast resistant capacity of high performance geopolymer concrete panelsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Su, Y; Li, J; Liu, J; Pang, J
2019-08-01Design of 3-D Magnetic Field Sensor and Calibration Platform for TMSXiong, H; Fu, H; Zhu, J; Liu, J; Luo, X; Qiu, B
2019-08-01The formation of yolk-shell structured NiO nanospheres with enhanced lithium storage capacityWang, J; Su, P; Zhang, J; Wang, F; Chen, Y; Liu, H; Liu, J
2019-07-15Numerical analysis on impact response of ultra-high strength concrete protected with composite materials against steel ogive-nosed projectile penetrationShao, R; Wu, C; Su, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Xu, S
2019-06-01Multiobject Tracking by Submodular OptimizationShen, J; Liang, Z; Liu, J; Sun, H; Shao, L; Tao, D
2019-06-01Making global river ecosystem health assessments objective, quantitative and comparableZhao, C; Pan, T; Dou, T; Liu, J; Liu, C; Ge, Y; Zhang, Y; Yu, X; Mitrovic, S; Lim, R
2019-04-15Experimental and numerical investigations of penetration resistance of ultra-high strength concrete protected with ceramic balls subjected to projectile impactShao, R; Wu, C; Su, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Chen, G; Xu, S
2019-04-01Precise static happens-before analysis for detecting UAF order violations in androidWu, D; Liu, J; Sui, Y; Chen, S; Xue, J
2019-04-01Highly Stable Dual-Phase Membrane Based on Ce <inf>0.9</inf> Gd <inf>0.1</inf> O <inf>2–δ</inf> —La <inf>2</inf> NiO <inf>4+δ</inf> for Oxygen Permeation under Pure CO <inf>2</inf> AtmosphereHan, N; Wei, Q; Tian, H; Zhang, S; Zhu, Z; Liu, J; Liu, S