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2019-12-09Efficient Pipeline for Mobile Brick PickingFryc, S; Liu, L; Vidal Calleja, T
2019-12-09Rectangular-shaped object recognition and pose estimationVu, TL; Liu, L; Paul, G; Vidal Calleja, T
2019-12-05Low Computational Data Fusion Approach Using INS and UWB for UAV Navigation Tasks in GPS Denied EnvironmentsKong, X; Fang, G; Liu, L; Khruahong, S
2019-12-05Development of Semantic Model of Multi-Level-Building Navigation Using Indoor Ontology and Dijkstra's AlgorithmYuan, Y; Kong, X; Fang, G; Liu, L; Khruahong, S
2019-11-20Combined physical and chemical activation of sludge-based adsorbent enhances Cr(Ⅵ) removal from wastewaterZhang, L; Pan, J; Liu, L; Song, K; Wang, Q
2019-10-01Estimating the aboveground biomass for planted forests based on stand age and environmental variablesPeng, D; Zhang, H; Liu, L; Huang, W; Huete, AR; Zhang, X; Wang, F; Yu, L; Xie, Q; Wang, C; Luo, S; Li, C; Zhang, B
2019-09-30Performance-enhancing network pruning for crowd countingLiu, L; Amirgholipour, S; Jiang, J; Jia, W; Zeibots, M; He, X
2019-09-01Development of an intelligent UAV path planning approach to minimize the costs in flight distance, time, altitude, and obstacle collisionLin, S; Kong, X; Liu, L
2019-08-01Flexible Conductive Anodes Based on 3D Hierarchical Sn/NS-CNFs@rGO Network for Sodium-Ion BatteriesLuo, L; Song, J; Song, L; Zhang, H; Bi, Y; Liu, L; Yin, L; Wang, F; Wang, G
2019-06-11Cooperative adaptive consensus tracking for multiple nonholonomic mobile robotsLiu, L; Yu, J; Ji, J; Miao, Z; Zhou, J
2019-05-22Chitinase-like protein YKL-40 correlates with inflammatory phenotypes, anti-asthma responsiveness and future exacerbationsLiu, L; Zhang, X; Liu, Y; Zhang, L; Zheng, J; Wang, J; Hansbro, PM; Wang, L; Wang, G; Hsu, ACY
2019-04-15Distribution margins as natural laboratories to infer species’ flowering responses to climate warming and implications for frost riskGuo, L; Wang, J; Li, M; Liu, L; Xu, J; Cheng, J; Gang, C; Yu, Q; Chen, J; Peng, C; Luedeling, E
2019-04-01Robust Global Structure From Motion Pipeline With Parallax on Manifold Bundle Adjustment and InitializationLiu, L; Zhang, T; Leighton, B; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
2019-04-01Dualityfree Methods for Stochastic Composition OptimizationLiu, L; Liu, J; Tao, D
2019-03-15Phase transition induced synthesis of one dimensional In <inf>1−x</inf> Zn <inf>x</inf> O <inf>y</inf> heterogeneous nanofibers for superior lithium ion storageLuo, L; Zhang, H; Song, L; Liu, L; Yi, X; Tan, M; Song, J; Wang, G; Wang, F
2019-02-01Time-domain ICIC and optimized designs for 5G and beyond: a surveyLiu, L; Zhou, Y; Vasilakos, AV; Tian, L; Shi, J
2019-01-01Conference on Neural Information Processing SystemsLiu, L; ZHOU, T; Long, GUODONG; Jiang, JING; Zhang, CHENGQI
2019-01-01Extracting Privileged Information for Enhancing Classifier LearningYao, Y; Shen, F; Zhang, J; Liu, L; Tang, Z; Shao, L
2019-01-01Prototype Propagation Networks (PPN) for weakly-supervised few-shot learning on category graphLiu, L; Zhou, T; Long, G; Jiang, J; Yao, L; Zhang, C
2019-01-01China's AEC industry and BIM adoption challenges: Understanding the influence of positive and negative mindsetsQi, CA; Liu, L; Jupp, J