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2022-02-16Eastern-Pacific and Central-Pacific Types of ENSO Elicit Diverse Responses of Vegetation in the West Pacific RegionWang, C; Li, J; Liu, Q; Huete, A; Li, L; Dong, Y; Zhao, J
2021-12-01UV assisted backwashing for fouling control in membrane bioreactor operationZhang, X; Cheng, X; Reng, J; Ma, X; Liu, Q; Yao, P; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD
2021-12Assessing the environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions from the common municipal wastewater treatment systems.Nguyen, TKL; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Nghiem, LD; Qian, G; Liu, Q; Liu, J; Chen, Z; Bui, XT; Mainali, B
2021-09-30A synergistic exploitation to produce high-voltage quasi-solid-state lithium metal batteries.Wu, J; Wang, X; Liu, Q; Wang, S; Zhou, D; Kang, F; Shanmukaraj, D; Armand, M; Rojo, T; Li, B; Wang, G
2021-08-12Rechargeable anion-shuttle batteries for low-cost energy storageLiu, Q; Wang, Y; Yang, X; Zhou, D; Wang, X; Jaumaux, P; Kang, F; Li, B; Ji, X; Wang, G
2021-08-10Biodegradation of plastics from waste electrical and electronic equipment by greater wax moth larvae (Galleria mellonella)Zhu, P; Pan, X; Li, X; Liu, X; Liu, Q; Zhou, J; Dai, X; Qian, G
2021-05-05Interfacial Engineering of Bi19Br3S27 Nanowires Promotes Metallic Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Activity under Near-Infrared Light Irradiation.Li, J; Pan, W; Liu, Q; Chen, Z; Chen, Z; Feng, X; Chen, H
2021-05-01Key audit matters and stock price synchronicity: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in ChinaZhai, H; Lu, M; Shan, Y; Liu, Q; Zhao, Y
2021-05-01Promotion of Answer Value Measurement with Domain Effects in Community Question Answering SystemsJin, B; Chen, E; Zhao, H; Huang, Z; Liu, Q; Zhu, H; Yu, S
2021-03-01Analytical Model of Open-Circuit Air-Gap Field Distribution in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Based on Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Method and Boundary Conditions of Macroscopic EquationsMa, C; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yang, N; Liu, Q; Zuo, S; Wu, X; Wang, P; Li, J; Fang, J
2021-01-01A Fuzzy Word Similarity Measure for Selecting Top-k Similar Words in Query ExpansionLiu, Q; Huang, H; Xuan, J; Zhang, G; Gao, Y; Lu, J
2021-01-01Four-quadrant operations of bidirectional chargers for electric vehicles in smart car parks: G2v, v2g, and v4gHe, T; Lu, DDC; Wu, M; Yang, Q; Li, T; Liu, Q
2021Analyzing the Check-In Behavior of Visitors through Machine Learning Model by Mining Social Network's Big Data.Hou, L; Liu, Q; Nebhen, J; Uddin, M; Ullah, M; Khan, NU
2021Concept Representation by Learning Explicit and Implicit Concept CouplingsLu, W; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Huang, H; Liu, Q; Luo, S
2021Domain-specific meta-embedding with latent semantic structuresLiu, Q; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Shen, T; Zhang, Z; Huang, H
2020-06-12SecureBP from Homomorphic EncryptionLiu, Q; Lu, X; Luo, F; Zhou, S; He, J; Wang, K
2020-05-08Self-Healing Janus Interfaces for High-Performance LAGP-Based Lithium Metal BatteriesLiu, Q; Zhou, D; Shanmukaraj, D; Li, P; Kang, F; Li, B; Armand, M; Wang, G
2020-04-01Multiobjective optimization of perforated square CFRP tubes for crashworthinessLiu, Q; Liufu, K; Cui, Z; Li, J; Fang, J; Li, Q
2020-01-01Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanospheres-Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitride with Outstanding Photocatalytic ActivityLiu, Q; Tian, H; Dai, Z; Sun, H; Liu, J; Ao, Z; Wang, S; Han, C; Liu, S
2020-01-01Monitoring agricultural drought in Australia using MTSAT-2 land surface temperature retrievalsHu, T; Renzullo, LJ; van Dijk, AIJM; He, J; Tian, S; Xu, Z; Zhou, J; Liu, T; Liu, Q