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2023Auxiliary signal-guided knowledge encoder-decoder for medical report generation.Li, M; Liu, R; Wang, F; Chang, X; Liang, X
2022-11-09A sub-action aided deep reinforcement learning framework for latency-sensitive network slicingXiao, D; Chen, S; Ni, W; Zhang, J; Zhang, A; Liu, R
2022-04-15Translocation, bioaccumulation, and distribution of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in plants.Xu, B; Qiu, W; Du, J; Wan, Z; Zhou, JL; Chen, H; Liu, R; Magnuson, JT; Zheng, C
2022-02-28Vector-Decomposed Disentanglement for Domain-Invariant Object DetectionWu, A; Liu, R; Han, Y; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2022-02Animal Models for Treating Spinal Cord Injury Using Biomaterials-Based Tissue Engineering Strategies.Li, JJ; Liu, H; Zhu, Y; Yan, L; Liu, R; Wang, G; Wang, B; Zhao, B
2022-01-01AI-Enabled Automated and Closed-Loop Optimization Algorithms for Delay-Aware NetworkXiao, D; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Liu, R; Chen, S; Qu, Y
2022-01-01Frequency-Hopping Based Joint Automotive Radar-Communication Systems Using A Single DeviceNi, Z; Zhang, JA; Yang, K; Liu, R
2022-01-01Leveraging Byte-Level Features for LSTM-based Anomaly Detection in Controller Area NetworksLiang, L; Lin, X; Ma, B; Wang, X; He, Y; Liu, R; Ni, W
2022Maternal Cigarette Smoke Exposure Exaggerates the Behavioral Defects and Neuronal Loss Caused by Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Female Offspring.Huang, T; Huang, X; Li, H; Qi, J; Wang, N; Xu, Y; Zeng, Y; Xiao, X; Liu, R; Chan, YL; Oliver, BG; Yi, C; Li, D; Chen, H
2021-10-01How does rumor spreading affect people inside and outside an institutionDang, Z; Li, L; Ni, W; Liu, R; Peng, H; Yang, Y
2021-08-01Nonlinear MIMO for Industrial Internet of Things in Cyber-Physical SystemsGong, Y; Zhang, L; Liu, R; Yu, K; Srivastava, G
2021-01-01Correlated data in differential privacy: Definition and analysisZhang, T; Zhu, T; Liu, R; Zhou, W
2021Interference screws are more likely to perform better than cortical button and cross-pin fixation for hamstring autograft in ACL reconstruction: a Bayesian network meta-analysis.Yan, L; Li, JJ; Zhu, Y; Liu, H; Liu, R; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2020-10-12Memory-Based Network for Scene Graph with Unbalanced RelationsWang, W; Liu, R; Wang, M; Wang, S; Chang, X; Chen, Y
2020-01-01Exploring Uplink Achievable Rate for HPO MIMO through Quasi-Monte Carlo and Variance Reduction TechniquesGong, Y; Zhang, L; Yu, K; Liu, R
2019-10-15Dynamics of the activated sludge in a newly-defined green bio-sorption reactor (GBR)Liu, R; Zhao, Y; Li, W; Wang, Q; Shen, C; Awe, OW; Hao, X
2019-09-30Novel Architecture and Key Technologies for Achieving High Capacity and Low Cost Space and Terrestrial Integrated NetworksHuang, X; Zhang, JA; Liu, R; Guo, YJ
2019-08-01Trust and reputation in vehicular networks: A smart contract-based approachMalik, N; Nanda, P; He, X; Liu, R
2019-07-10Introduction of TiO<inf>2</inf> in CuI for Its Improved Performance as a p-Type Transparent ConductorRaj, V; Lu, T; Lockrey, M; Liu, R; Kremer, F; Li, L; Liu, Y; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C
2019-02-01Modality-invariant image-text embedding for image-sentence matchingLiu, R; Zhao, Y; Wei, S; Zheng, L; Yang, Y