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2023-09-01A novel vibration indicator to monitor gear natural fatigue pitting propagationFeng, K; Ji, JC; Ni, Q; Yun, H; Zheng, J; Liu, Z
2023-06-01Digital twin-driven partial domain adaptation network for intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearingZhang, Y; Ji, JC; Ren, Z; Ni, Q; Gu, F; Feng, K; Yu, K; Ge, J; Lei, Z; Liu, Z
2023-05-15Anchoring Cu-N active sites on functionalized polyacrylonitrile fibers for highly selective H2S/CO2 separation.Liu, Z; Sun, G; Chen, Z; Ma, Y; Qiu, K; Li, M; Ni, B-J
2023-05-01Effects of bond-slip on flexural behavior of reinforced nano-material modified UHPC beams: Experimental and numerical investigationXu, S; Yang, T; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2023-04-15Mechanical behaviour and environmental benefit of eco-friendly steel fibre-reinforced dry UHPC incorporating high-volume fly ash and crumb rubberShao, R; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Wu, P; Yang, Y
2023-03-01Digital twin-driven intelligent assessment of gear surface degradationFeng, K; Ji, JC; Zhang, Y; Ni, Q; Liu, Z; Beer, M
2023-02-13A Retrospective Medical Record Review of Adults with Non-Cancer Diagnoses Prescribed Medicinal Cannabis.Morris, M; Chye, R; Liu, Z; Agar, M; Razmovski-Naumovski, V
2023-01-01SFusion: Self-attention Based N-to-One Multimodal Fusion BlockLiu, Z; Wei, J; Li, R; Zhou, J
2023-01-01Diversity-Boosted Generalization-Specialization Balancing for Zero-Shot LearningLi, Y; Liu, Z; Chang, X; McAuley, J; Yao, L
2023-01Rate dependent behaviour of 3D printed ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete under dynamic splitting tensileYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z
2022-12-01Long-term consumption of ten food groups and cardiovascular mortality: A systematic review and dose response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studiesBhandari, B; Liu, Z; Lin, S; Macniven, R; Akombi-Inyang, B; Hall, J; Feng, X; Schutte, AE; Xu, X
2022-10-01Investigation on the mechanical characteristics of multiscale mono/hybrid steel fibre-reinforced dry UHPCShao, R; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z
2022-10-01Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of 3D printed ultra-high performance concrete after elevated temperaturesDong, L; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Ren, Q; Li, J; Zhang, Y; Wu, C
2022-08-22Experimental and numerical investigation of bond behavior between geopolymer based ultra-high-performance concrete and steel barsYang, T; Xu, S; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wu, C
2022-08-04Face to Purchase: Predicting Consumer Choices with Structured Facial and Behavioral Traits EmbeddingLiu, Z; Wang, X; Yao, L; An, J; Bai, L; Lim, E-P
2022-08-01Polymorphic uncertainty quantification for engineering structures via a hyperplane modelling techniqueWang, Q; Feng, Y; Wu, D; Li, G; Liu, Z; Gao, W
2022-07-25Impact of Alkyl Chain Length on the Properties of Fluorenyl-Based Linear Hole-Transport Materials in p-i-n Perovskites Solar CellsSun, Z; Liu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhou, C; Chen, Z; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Jia, X; Zhang, J; Zhou, Y; Song, B; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2022-07-01Medium-chain fatty acids production from carbohydrates-rich wastewater through two-stage yeast biofilm processes without external electron donor addition: Biofilm development and pH impact.Zhang, Z; Ni, B-J; Zhang, L; Liu, Z; Fu, W; Dai, X; Sun, J
2022-07-01Triaxial strength and failure criterion of ultra-high performance concreteWu, P; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Xu, S; Li, J; Li, J
2022-06-21Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance for Rejection Surveillance After Cardiac Transplantation.Anthony, C; Imran, M; Pouliopoulos, J; Emmanuel, S; Iliff, J; Liu, Z; Moffat, K; Ru Qiu, M; McLean, CA; Stehning, C; Puntmann, V; Vassiliou, V; Ismail, TF; Gulati, A; Prasad, S; Graham, RM; McCrohon, J; Holloway, C; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Keogh, AM; Hayward, CS; Macdonald, PS; Jabbour, A