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2020-12-01Ballistic performance of multi-layered aluminium and UHMWPE fibre laminate targets subjected to hypervelocity impact by tungsten alloy ballQu K; Wu C; Liu J; Yao Y; Deng Y; Yi C
2020-09-15Simulating the Influences of Soil Water Stress on Leaf Expansion and Senescence of Winter WheatJiang T; Dou Z; Liu J; Gao Y; Malone RW; Chen S; Feng H; Yu Q; Xue G; He J
2020-08-01Simultaneously enhanced linear and nonlinear photon generations from WS<inf>2</inf>by using dielectric circular Bragg resonatorsChen B; He Z; Liu ZJ; Wang YK; Gao YN; Aharonovich I; Xu ZQ; Liu J
2020-07-01A modified HJC model for improved dynamic response of brittle materials under blasting loadsLiu K; Wu C; Li X; Li Q; Fang J; Liu J
2020-05Closing the Loop for Hydrogen Storage: Facile Regeneration of NaBH4 from its Hydrolytic Product.Zhu Y; Ouyang L; Zhong H; Liu J; Wang H; Shao H; Huang Z; Zhu M
2020-04-01Simulation of plant height of winter wheat under soil Water stress using modified growth functionsJiang T; Liu J; Gao Y; Sun Z; Chen S; Yao N; Ma H; Feng H; Yu Q; He J
2019-09Decline in Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Following Anthracyclines Predicts Trastuzumab Cardiotoxicity.Goel S; Liu J; Guo H; Barry W; Bell R; Murray B; Lynch J; Bastick P; Chantrill L; Kiely BE; Abdi E; Rutovitz J; Asghari R; Sullivan A; Harrison M; Kohonen-Corish M; Beith J
2019-03-01New insights into model predictive control for three-phase power convertersZhang Y; Liu J; Yang H; Fan S
2019-01-01Novel Multi-Keyword Search on Encrypted Data in the CloudWu Y; Hou J; Liu J; Zhou W; Yao S
2019-01-01Formal verification of quantum algorithms using quantum hoare logicLiu J; Zhan B; Wang S; Ying S; Liu T; Li Y; Ying M; Zhan N; Dillig I; Tasiran S
2019QoS-aware service recommendation based on relational topic model and factorization machines for IoT Mashup applicationsCao B; Liu J; Wen Y; Li H; Xiao Q; Chen J