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2020-11Calcium peroxide eliminates grease inhibition and promotes short-chain fatty acids production during anaerobic fermentation of food waste.Xu Q; Du M; Liu X; Wang D; Wu Y; Li Y; Yang J; Fu Q; He D; Feng C; Liu Y; Wang Q; Ni B-J
2020-08-15A micro-mechanical model for unsaturated soils based on DEMLiu X; Zhou A; Shen SL; Li J; Sheng D
2020-06-10A novel nonlinearity marginalization technique for effective solution of induction heating problems by cell methodZhu G; Liu X; Li L; Zhu J
2020-05-01Activation of nitrite by freezing process for anaerobic digestion enhancement of waste activated sludge: Performance and mechanismsLiu X; Huang X; Wu Y; Xu Q; Du M; Wang D; Yang Q; Liu Y; Ni BJ; Yang G; Yang F; Wang Q
2020-04-20Operations scheduling of waste-to-energy plants under uncertaintyHu C; Liu X; Lu J; Wang CH
2020-01Enterococcus faecalis Adapts to Antimicrobial Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes by Lipid Rearrangement and Differential Expression of Membrane Stress Response Genes.Chilambi GS; Hinks J; Matysik A; Zhu X; Choo PY; Liu X; Chan-Park MB; Bazan GC; Kline KA; Rice SA
2020Absent Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms.Liu X; Wang L; Zhu X; Li M; Zhu E; Liu T; Liu L; Dou Y; Yin J
2020An intelligent blockchain-based system for safe vaccine supply and supervisionYong B; Shen J; Liu X; Li F; Chen H; Zhou Q
2019-09-01Robust trading strategies for a waste-to-energy combined heat and power plant in a day-ahead electricity marketHu C; Liu X; Lu J
2019-09Reduction of the Detent Force in a Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Linear MotorZhao J; Mou Q; Guo K; Liu X; Li J; Guo Y
2019-07-01Truncated gradient confidence-weighted based online learning for imbalance streaming dataHu J; Yan C; Liu X; Zhang J; Peng D; Yang Y
2019-03-04Hidden states exploration for 3D skeleton-based gesture recognitionLiu X; Shi H; Hong X; Chen H; Tao D; Zhao G
2019New Multi-Hop Clustering Algorithm for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksZhang D; Ge H; Zhang T; Cui YY; Liu X; Mao G