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2020-12Enhancement of short-chain fatty acids production from microalgae by potassium ferrate addition: Feasibility, mechanisms and implications.Wang Y; Liu X; Liu Y; Wang D; Xu Q; Li X; Yang Q; Wang Q; Ni B-J; Chen H
2020-11-19Nanorods with multidimensional optical information beyond the diffraction limitWen S; Liu Y; Wang F; Lin G; Zhou J; Shi B; Suh YD; Jin D
2020-11-19Unidirectional intercellular communication on a microfluidic chipFang G; Lu H; Aboulkheyr Es H; Wang D; Liu Y; Warkiani ME; Lin G; Jin D
2020-11-163D Rotation-Trackable and Differentiable Micromachines 2 with Dimer-Type Structures for Dynamic BioanalysisLin G; Liu Y; Huang G; Chen Y; Makarov D; Lin J; Quan Z; Jin D
2020-11-04Coding and decoding stray magnetic fields for multiplexing kinetic bioassay platform.Liu Y; Lin G; Chen Y; Mönch I; Makarov D; Walsh BJ; Jin D
2020-11-01Facile synthesis and anti-icing performance of superhydrophobic flower-like OTS-SiO<inf>2</inf> with tunable sizeQi C; Chen H; Sun Y; Fu Q; shen L; Li X; Liu Y
2020-11Calcium peroxide eliminates grease inhibition and promotes short-chain fatty acids production during anaerobic fermentation of food waste.Xu Q; Du M; Liu X; Wang D; Wu Y; Li Y; Yang J; Fu Q; He D; Feng C; Liu Y; Wang Q; Ni B-J
2020-10-09Blood-brain barrier-penetrating siRNA nanomedicine for Alzheimer's disease therapy.Zhou Y; Zhu F; Liu Y; Zheng M; Wang Y; Zhang D; Anraku Y; Zou Y; Li J; Wu H; Pang X; Tao W; Shimoni O; Bush AI; Xue X; Shi B
2020-09-29Impacts of sulfadiazine on the performance and membrane fouling of a hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor system at different C/N ratios.Zhang X; Zhang Z; Liu Y; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Wang H; Zhang Y; Zhang D
2020-09Impacts of hydraulic retention time on a continuous flow mode dual-chamber microbial fuel cell for recovering nutrients from municipal wastewater.Ye Y; Ngo HH; Guo W; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Zhang X; Zhang S; Luo G; Liu Y
2020-09Video-rate upconversion display from optimized lanthanide ion doped upconversion nanoparticles.Gao L; Shan X; Xu X; Liu Y; Liu B; Li S; Wen S; Ma C; Jin D; Wang F
2020-08-28A rational synthesis of single-atom iron-nitrogen electrocatalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction reactionHuo J; Lu L; Shen Z; Liu Y; Guo J; Liu Q; Wang Y; Liu H; Wu M; Wang G
2020-08-10Highly Doped Upconversion Nanoparticles for In Vivo Applications Under Mild Excitation Power.Li D; Wen S; Kong M; Liu Y; Hu W; Shi B; Shi X; Jin D
2020-08-01Efficient and accurate frequency-invariant beam pattern synthesis utilizing iterative spatiotemporal fourier transformLiu Y; Chen L; Zhu C; Ban YL; Guo YJ
2020-08-01Facile preparation of robust superhydrophobic surface based on multi-scales nanoparticleQi C; Chen H; Sun Y; Shen L; Li X; Fu Q; Liu Y
2020-08Evaluating the roles of coexistence of sludge flocs on nitrogen removal and nitrous oxide production in a granule-based autotrophic nitrogen removal system.Liu Y; Zhao T; Su Z; Zhu T; Ni B-J
2020-07-01A Surface Integral Equation Formulation for Efficient Simulation of Finite-Sized Multilayered Parallel-Plate StructureRen Y; Chen Y; Meng M; Liu Y; Xu K-D; Li J
2020-07-01An MRAS Speed Observer Based on Control Winding Flux for Sensorless Control of Stand-Alone BDFIGsXu W; Ebraheem AK; Liu Y; Zhu J; Hussien MG; Elbabo Mohammed OM
2020-07-01Improved Beam-Scannable Ultra-Wideband Sparse Antenna Arrays by Iterative Convex Optimization Based on Raised Power Series RepresentationLiu Y; Yang Y; Han F; Liu QH; Guo YJ
2020-07-01Recent advances of two–dimensional molybdenum disulfide based materials: Synthesis, modification and applications in energy conversion and storageHuo J; Ge R; Liu Y; Guo J; Lu L; Chen W; Liu C; Gao H; Liu H