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2023-01-01Essential elements of optimal dietary and exercise referral practices for cancer survivors: expert consensus for medical and nursing health professionals.Joseph, R; Hart, NH; Bradford, N; Wallen, MP; Han, CY; Pinkham, EP; Hanley, B; Lock, G; Wyld, D; Wishart, L; Koczwara, B; Chan, A; Agbejule, OA; Crichton, M; Teleni, L; Holland, JJ; Edmiston, K; Naumann, L; Brown, T; Chan, RJ
2022-06Conventional supportive cancer care services in Australia: A national service mapping study (The CIA study).Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Nixon, JL; McKinnel, E; Brown, B; Joseph, R; Wishart, LR; Miller, E; Ward, EC; Hart, NH; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Chan, RJ
2022-05-16Telehealth cancer-related fatigue clinic model for cancer survivors: a pilot randomised controlled trial protocol (the T-CRF trial).Ladwa, R; Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Hanley, B; Lock, G; Nixon, J; Agbejule, OA; Crawford-Williams, F; Jones, L; Pinkham, MB; Turner, J; Yates, P; McPhail, SM; Aitken, JF; Escalante, CP; Hart, NH; Chan, RJ
2019-07-01Evaluation of a telehealth psychological support intervention for people with primary brain tumour and their family members: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialOwnsworth, T; Chambers, S; Aitken, JF; Foote, M; Pinkham, MB; Gordon, LG; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Gardner, T; Jones, S; Robertson, J; Shum, D; Conlon, E
2018-04-01Exploring the scope of communication content of mechanically ventilated patientsLeung, CCH; Pun, J; Lock, G; Slade, D; Gomersall, CD; Wong, WT; Joynt, GM
2016-01-01Patterns of interaction in doctor-patient communication and their impact on health outcomesSlade, D; Matthiessen, CMIM; Lock, G; Pun, J; Lam, M
2016Potential risk points In doctor–patient communication: An analysis of Hong Kong emergency department medical consultationsSlade, DM; Pun, J; Lock, G; Eggins, S; de Silva Joyce, H
2015-01-01Communication in Hong Kong accident and emergency departments: The clinicians’ perspectivesChandler, E; Slade, D; Pun, J; Lock, G; Matthiessen, CMIM; Espindola, E; Ng, C