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2022-09Interventions to promote oral care regimen adherence in the critical care setting: A systematic review.Lombardo, L; Ferguson, C; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Villarosa, BJ; Kong, AC; Wynne, R; Salamonson, Y
2022-08-02Educational Needs of People Living with Atrial Fibrillation: A Qualitative Study.Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD; Lombardo, L; Downie, A; Bajorek, B; Ivynian, S; Inglis, SC; Wynne, R
2022-06-01Bundle-of-care interventions to improve self-management of patients with urinary catheters: Study protocolAlex, J; Ferguson, C; Ramjan, LM; Montayre, J; Lombardo, L; Salamonson, Y
2021-04-13New technologies call for new strategies for patient education.Lombardo, L; Wynne, R; Hickman, L; Ferguson, C
2021-01-01Educational and Self-Management Needs of Adults Living With Atrial Fibrillation: Perspectives of Patients, Clinicians, and ExpertsFerguson, C; Lombardo, L; Hickman, L; Inglis, S; Bajorek, B; Wynne, R
2020-03A methodological comparison of head-cut based gully erosion susceptibility models: Combined use of statistical and artificial intelligenceArabameri, A; Cerda, A; Pradhan, B; Tiefenbacher, JP; Lombardo, L; Bui, DT
2019-12-01Comparative assessment using boosted regression trees, binary logistic regression, frequency ratio and numerical risk factor for gully erosion susceptibility modellingArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Lombardo, L
2019-01-01Comparison of machine learning models for gully erosion susceptibility mappingArabameri, A; Chen, W; Loche, M; Zhao, X; Li, Y; Lombardo, L; Cerda, A; Pradhan, B; Bui, DT
2018-11-01Spatial modelling of gully erosion using evidential belief function, logistic regression, and a new ensemble of evidential belief function–logistic regression algorithmArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K; Yamani, M; Pourghasemi, HR; Lombardo, L