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1-Mar-2019Temperature-related mortality and climate change in AustraliaLongden, T
1-Mar-2019The use of an ‘acclimatisation’ heatwave measure to compare temperature-related demand for emergency services in Australia, Botswana, Netherlands, Pakistan, and USAvan der Linden, N; Longden, T; Richards, JR; Khursheed, M; Goddijn, WMT; van Veelen, MJ; Khan, UR; Christien van der Linden, M
1-Oct-2018Supplier-induced demand for urgent after-hours primary care servicesLongden, T; Hall, J; van Gool, K
1-Oct-2018Measuring temperature-related mortality using endogenously determined thresholdsLongden, T
1-Aug-2018The prevalence of persistence and related health status: An analysis of persistently high healthcare costs in the short term and medium termLongden, T; Wong, CY; Haywood, P; Hall, J; van Gool, K
1-Jan-2018Quantifying catastrophic and climate impacted hazards based on local expert opinionsKeighley, T; Longden, T; Mathew, S; Trück, S
2018The importance of comorbidity and multimorbidity in determining health care costs: An analysis of the cost amplifications associated with morbidity interaction variables. CHERE Working Paper 2018/01Longden, T; Wong, C; Haywood, P; Hall, J; Van Gool, K
16-Aug-2017The potential role of gas in decarbonizing Europe: A quantitative assessmentCarraro, C; Tavoni, M; Longden, T; Marangoni, G
1-Aug-2017Freight futures: The potential impact of road freight on climate policyCarrara, S; Longden, T
2-Oct-2015CO2 Intensity and the importance of country level differences: An analysis of the relationship between per capita emissions and population densityLongden, T
1-Oct-2015The Challenges and Opportunities of In-depth Analysis of Multi-day and Multi-year DataMoutou, C; Longden, T; Stopher, P; Liu, W
1-Jan-2015The impact of near-term climate policy choices on technology and emission transition pathwaysEom, J; Edmonds, J; Krey, V; Johnson, N; Longden, T; Luderer, G; Riahi, K; Van Vuuren, DP
1-Jan-2015The implications of initiating immediate climate change mitigation - A potential for co-benefits?Schwanitz, VJ; Longden, T; Knopf, B; Capros, P
1-Jan-2015Making or breaking climate targets: The AMPERE study on staged accession scenarios for climate policyKriegler, E; Riahi, K; Bauer, N; Schwanitz, VJ; Petermann, N; Bosetti, V; Marcucci, A; Otto, S; Paroussos, L; Rao, S; Arroyo Currás, T; Ashina, S; Bollen, J; Eom, J; Hamdi-Cherif, M; Longden, T; Kitous, A; Méjean, A; Sano, F; Schaeffer, M; Wada, K; Capros, P; P. van Vuuren, D; Edenhofer, O
1-Jan-2015Locked into Copenhagen pledges - Implications of short-term emission targets for the cost and feasibility of long-term climate goalsRiahi, K; Kriegler, E; Johnson, N; Bertram, C; den Elzen, M; Eom, J; Schaeffer, M; Edmonds, J; Isaac, M; Krey, V; Longden, T; Luderer, G; Méjean, A; McCollum, DL; Mima, S; Turton, H; van Vuuren, DP; Wada, K; Bosetti, V; Capros, P; Criqui, P; Hamdi-Cherif, M; Kainuma, M; Edenhofer, O
27-Jun-2014A focus on the latest developments in the modelling of mitigation optionsLongden, T; Sferra, F
1-Jan-2014Travel intensity and climate policy: The influence of different mobility futures on the diffusion of battery integrated vehiclesLongden, T
1-Jul-2013Light duty vehicle transportation and global climate policy: The importance of electric drive vehiclesBosetti, V; Longden, T
20-Jun-2012Constant travel budgets and kilometres: The impact of deviations on energy use and climate policyLongden, T