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2024A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Social Value of Indigenous Procurement Policies in the Australian Construction IndustryDenny-Smith, G; Sunindijo, RY; Williams, M; Loosemore, M; Piggott, L
2023-12-01An integration of operations research and design science research methodology: With an application in hospital disaster managementYazdani, M; Loosemore, M; Mojtahedi, M; Sanderson, D; Haghani, M
2023-09-01Social Procurement in the Chinese Construction Industry: Relevance, Drivers and Barriers to ImplementationLoosemore, M; Zhang, S; Alkilani, S; Wang, Z
2023-09-01The Influence of Personal and Workplace Characteristics on the Job Stressors of Design Professionals in the Chinese Construction IndustryZhang, S; Sunindijo, RY; Loosemore, M
2023-07-01Looking for Meaningful Work in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis of Refugee and Migrant Work-Seeking ExperiencesHammad, AWA; Chen, Z; Alkilani, S; Loosemore, M
2023-02-01Construction Workforce’s Mental Health: Research and Policy Alignment in the Australian Construction IndustryHosseini, O; Loosemore, M; Fini, AAF
2023-01-01How are social procurement actors shaping a new field of professional practice in the Australian construction industry?Loosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J
2023-01-01Addressing youth un/underemployment through construction social procurement: an ecological systems theory perspectiveWoolcott, G; Loosemore, M; Keast, R; Chamberlain, D
2022-12-16Construction Cultures: Sources, Signs, and Solutions of ToxicityClegg, S; Loosemore, M; Walker, D; Marrewijk, A; Sankaran, S
2022-11-01An integrated decision model for managing hospital evacuation in response to an extreme flood event: A case study of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, NSW, AustraliaYazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Loosemore, M; Sanderson, D; Dixit, V
2022-07-01Assessing Safety Risk Management Performance in Chinese Subway Construction Projects: A Multistakeholder PerspectiveZhang, S; Loosemore, M; Sunindijo, RY; Galvin, S; Wu, J; Zhang, S
2022-06-30The risks and opportunities of social procurement in construction projects: a cross-sector collaboration perspectiveLoosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J; Denny-Smith, G; Alkilani, S
2022-02-24A typology of social procurement champions in the construction and engineering industryLoosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J
2022-01-01An investigation of how stakeholders influence construction project performance: a small and medium sized contractor’s perspective in the Jordanian construction industryAlkilani, S; Loosemore, M
2022-01-01Project performance measurement for small-and-medium sized construction contractors in the Jordanian construction industryAlkilani, S; Loosemore, M
2022-01-01A modelling framework to design an evacuation support system for healthcare infrastructures in response to major flood eventsYazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Loosemore, M; Sanderson, D
2022-01-01The situational and individual determinants of entrepreneurship in the construction industryLoosemore, M; McCallum, A
2021-12-01Champions of Social Procurement in the Australian Construction Industry: Evolving Roles and MotivationsLoosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J; Denny-Smith, G
2021-12-01Hospital evacuation modelling: A critical literature review on current knowledge and research gapsYazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Loosemore, M; Sanderson, D; Dixit, V
2021-10-21Information asymmetries between vendors and customers in the advanced construction technology diffusion processM.E. Sepasgozar, S; Shirowzhan, S; Loosemore, M