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2019-03-04The relationship between breadth of previous academic study and engineering students' performanceLowe, D; Johnston, A; Wilkinson, T; Machet, T
2019-01-01Diversity and gender enrolment patterns in an undergraduate engineering programLowe, D; Machet, T; Wilkinson, T; Johnston, A
2019-01-01The use of constructive alignment in the design of laboratory activitiesLowe, D; Machet, T; Willey, K; Berger, A
2016-06-26Enhancing mechanics education through shared assessment designHadgraft, RG; Lowe, D; Lawson, J
2013-06-01Evaluation of the Use of Remote Laboratories for Secondary School Science EducationLowe, D; Newcombe, P; Stumpers, B
2013-03-26Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing using subsymbol processingHuang, X; Lowe, D
2012-12-01On the potential for using immersive virtual environments to support laboratory experiment contextualisationMachet, T; Lowe, D; Gütl, C
2012-10-17Unsupervised learning algorithm for adaptive group formation: Collaborative learning support in remotely accessible laboratoriesMujkanovic, A; Lowe, D; Willey, K; Guetl, C
2012-10-16Laboratory lesson plans: Opportunities created by remote laboratoriesLowe, D; Bharathy, G; Stumpers, B; Yeung, H
2012-10-16Interdependence of booking and queuing in remote laboratory schedulingLowe, D; Orou, N
2012-10-16Remote laboratories: Uncovering the true costsLowe, D; De La Villefromoy, M; Jona, K; Yeoh, LR
2012-07-30Wireless sensor network localization with autonomous mobile beacon by path findingLi, S; Kong, X; Lowe, D; Ryu, HG
2012-05-14Dynamic path determination of mobile beacons employing reinforcement learning for wireless sensor localizationLi, S; Kong, X; Lowe, D
2012-03-01Demodulation of 16-QAM, DCM data symbols using two hybrid-QPSK constellationsHuang, X; Li, Y; Lowe, D
2012-01-24Demodulation of 16-QAM, DCM data symbols using two hybrid-QPSK constellationsHuang, X; Li, Y; Lowe, D
2011-12-01A process model of change impact analysis for web systems using design knowledgeMehboob, Z; Zowghi, D; Lowe, D
2011-12-01Wireless sensor resource usage optimisation using embedded state predictorsLowe, D; Murray, S; Kong, X
2011-12-01Wireless sensor network localization algorithm using dynamic path of mobile beaconLi, S; Lowe, D; Kong, X; Braun, R
2011-12-01Labshare: Towards cross- Institutional laboratory sharingLowe, D; Conlon, S; Murray, S; Weber, L; Nageswaran, W; de la Villefromoy, M; Lindsay, E; Nafalski, A; Tang, T