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Jan-2013Evaluation Of The Use Of Remote Laboratories For Secondary School Science EducationLowe, DB; Newcombe, P; Stumpers, BD
Jan-2012Interdependence of Booking and Queuing in Remote Laboratory SchedulingLowe, DB; Orou, NE; NA
Jan-2012Dynamic Path of Mobile Beacon Employing Reinforcement Learning in WSN LocalizationLi, S; Kong, X; Lowe, DB; Leonard Barolli
Jan-2012Laboratory lesson plans: Opportunities created by remote laboratoriesLowe, DB; Bharathy, GK; Stumpers, BD; Yeung, H; NA
Jan-2012Remote Laboratories: Uncovering the true costsLowe, DB; De La Villefromoy, MJ; jona, K; Yeoh, LA; organizers, REV
Jan-2012On the potential for using immersive virtual environments to support laboratory experiment contextualisationMachet, TC; Lowe, DB; Gutl, C
Jan-2012LabShare: Towards Cross-Institutional Laboratory SharingLowe, DB; Conlon, S; Murray, SJ; Weber, L; Nageswaran, W; De La Villefromoy, MJ; Lindsay, E; Nafalski, A; Tang, T; Azad, A; Auer, M; Harward, J
Jan-2012Wireless Sensor Network Localization with Autonomous Mobile Beacon by Path FindingLi, S; Kong, X; Lowe, DB; Ryu, H; Kuinam Kim
Jan-2012Unsupervised learning algorithm for adaptive group formation: Collaborative learning support in remotely accessible laboratoriesMujkanovic, A; Lowe, DB; Willey, K; Guetl, C; Shoniregun, PCA
Jan-2012Adaptive group formation to promote desired behavioursMujkanovic, A; Lowe, DB; Willey, K; Mann, L; Daniel, S
Jan-2011A Process Model of Change Impact Analysis or Web Systems Using Design KnoweldgeMehboob, Z; Zowghi, D; Lowe, DB; Ghoneim, A; Themistocleous, M; Koufopoulos, D; Kamal, M
Jan-2011A cost-effective design approach for integrated positioning systemKong, X; Liu, L; Lowe, DB; Marzuki Khalid
Jan-2011Wireless Sensor Network Localization Algorithm Using Dynamic Path of Mobile BeaconLi, S; Lowe, DB; Kong, X; Braun, RM; Datuk Hod Parman, TSGN
Jan-2011Wireless Sensor Resource Usage Optimisation Using Embedded State PredictorsLowe, DB; Murray, SJ; Kong, X; Obaidat, MS; Filipe, J
Jan-2011Data Highways : An Activator-Inhibitor based Approach for Autonomic Data Dissemination in Ad Hoc Wireless NetworksGomez, KM; Miorandi, D; Lowe, DB; Lio, P; Verma, D
Jan-2011An architecture for automated group formation within remote laboratoriesLowe, DB; Mujkanovic, A; Guetl, C; Kostulski, T; Ursutiu Doru
Jan-2010Activation-Inhibition-Based Data Highways for Wireless Sensor NetworksMiorandi, D; Lowe, DB; Gomez, KM; Altman, E; Carrera, I; El-Azouzi, R; Hart, E
Jan-2010Embryonic Models for Self-Healing Distributed ServicesMiorandi, D; Lowe, DB; Yamamoto, L; Altman, E; Carrera, I; El-Azouzi, R; Hart, E; Hayel, Y
Jan-2010Embryonic Stream processing using MorphogensSabir, KS; Lowe, DB; Takagi, H; Abraham, A; Koppen, M; Yoshida, K; Carvalho, AD
Jan-2010Fault Tolerance of Embryonic Algorithms in Mobile NetworksLowe, DB; Mujkanovic, A; Miorandi, D; Yamamoto, L; Tempesti, G; Tyrrell, AM; Miller, JF