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2021-12-01Topology, Modeling and Control Scheme for a new Seven-Level Inverter with Reduced DC-Link VoltageKhan, SA; Barzegarkhoo, R; Guo, Y; Siwakoti, Y; Khan, MNH; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2021-10-01Current Ripple Reduction Using AC Core Biasing in DC-DC ConvertersSoon, JL; Raman, GP; Peng, JCH; Lu, DDC
2021-09-01A Novel Generalized Common-Ground Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Suitable for Transformerless Grid-Connected ApplicationsBarzegarkhoo, R; Lee, SS; Khan, SA; Siwakoti, Y; Lu, DDC
2021-09-01Synthesis and analysis of three-port dc/dc converters with two bidirectional ports based on power flow graph techniqueAljarajreh, H; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP; Tse, CK; See, KW
2021-09-01Predictive Optimal Switching Sequence Direct Power Control for Grid-Tied 3L-NPC ConvertersMora, A; Cardenas, R; Aguilera, RP; Angulo, A; Lezana, P; Lu, DDC
2021-02-02Accurate online battery impedance measurement method with low output voltage ripples on power convertersYao, Q; Lu, DDC; Lei, G
2021-01-01A MOSFET SPICE Model with Integrated Electro-Thermal Averaged Modeling, Aging, and Lifetime EstimationCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Siwakoti, YP
2021-01-01Four-quadrant operations of bidirectional chargers for electric vehicles in smart car parks: G2v, v2g, and v4gHe, T; Lu, DDC; Wu, M; Yang, Q; Li, T; Liu, Q
2021-01-01An Enhanced Frequency-Fixed All-Pass Filter PLL for Single-Phase ApplicationGautam, S; Lu, Y; Lu, DDC; Xiao, W; Hasan, SU
2020-12-01Recent progress and future research direction of nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation analysis of grid-connected power converter circuits and systemsReza, CMFS; Lu, DDC
2020-12-01Single-Inductor Multi-Input Multi-Output DC-DC Converter with High Flexibility and Simple ControlLi, XL; Dong, Z; Tse, CK; Lu, DDC
2020-12-01A Reconfigurable Three-Port DC-DC Converter for Integrated PV-Battery SystemAl-Soeidat, MR; Aljarajreh, H; Khawaldeh, HA; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2020-10-18Comparative Study of Phase Lead Compensator based In-loop Filtering Method in Single-Phase PLLGautam, S; Lu, Y; Xiao, W; Lu, DDC; Golsorkhi, MS
2020-09-01Reconfigurable Nonisolated DC-DC Converter with Fault-Tolerant CapabilitySoon, JL; Lu, DDC; Peng, JCH; Xiao, W
2020-09-01A Disturbance Rejection-Based Control Strategy for Five-Level T-Type Hybrid Power Converters with Ripple Voltage Estimation CapabilityKhan, SA; Guo, Y; Siwakoti, YP; Lu, DDC; Zhu, J
2020-03-01Single phase NTD PLL for fast dynamic response and operational robustness under abnormal grid conditionGautam, S; Lu, Y; Hassan, W; Xiao, W; Lu, DDC
2020-02-01Realisation of RPS from electrical home appliances in a smart home energy management systemGautam, S; Lu, DDC; Xiao, W; Lu, Y
2019-12-09Experimental study of static and dynamic behaviours of cracked PV panelsAl-Soeidat, M; Cheng, T; Lu, DDC; Agelidis, VG
2019-11-06Dual-loop control of transfer delay based PLL for fast dynamics in single-phase AC power systemsGautam, S; Lu, Y; Xiao, W; Lu, DDC; Golsorkhi, MS
2019-10-01Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Resistances and Thermal Coupling between Power DevicesWei, K; Lu, DDC; Zhang, C; Siwakoti, YP; Soon, JL; Yao, Q