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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Model Predictive Sliding Mode Control for Three-Phase AC/DC ConvertersHe, T; Lu, DDC; Li, L; Zhang, J; Zheng, L; Zhu, J
2018Buck-Boost Dual-Leg-Integrated Step-Up Inverter with Low THD and Single Variable Control for Single-Phase High-Frequency AC MicrogridsQin, L; Hu, M; Lu, DDC; Feng, Z; Wang, Y; Kan, J
2018Model Predictive Control for DC-DC Boost Converters with Reduced-Prediction Horizon and Constant Switching FrequencyCheng, L; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Jiang, J; Wei, S; Fletcher, J; Lu, DDC
1-Nov-2017Three-port converters with a flexible power flow for integrating pv and energy storage into a DC busCheng, T; Lu, DDC
10-Jul-2017Model Predictive Controlled Active NPC Inverter for Voltage Stress Balancing among the Semiconductor Power SwitchesAkter, MP; Lu, DDC
Jul-2017Selected Prediction Vectors Based FS-PTC for 3L-NPC Inverter Fed Motor DrivesHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Osman, I; Rahman, MF
1-May-2017Low complexity predictive torque control strategies for a three-level inverter driven induction motorHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Fletcher, JE; Rahman, MF
24-Apr-2017A Preventive Approach for Solving Battery Imbalance Issue by Using a Bidirectional Multiple-Input Cuk Converter Working in DCVMQi, J; Lu, DDC
1-Feb-2017A GPS-based decentralized control method for islanded microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM
1-Jan-2017Finite-State Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motor Supplied from a Three-Level NPC Voltage Source InverterHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Rahman, MF
2017A GPS-Based Control Framework for Accurate Current Sharing and Power Quality Improvement in MicrogridsGolsorkhi, MS; Savaghebi, M; Lu, DDC; Guerrero, JM; Vasquez, JC
2017Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motor Sensorless Drive Fed by a 3L-NPC InverterHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Fletcher, JE; Rahman, MF
27-Dec-2016Improved power routing algorithm for power packet distribution systemReza, CMFS; Lu, DDC
21-Dec-2016Open-circuit fault tolerant bridgeless boost rectifierMuhammad, KS; Baharom, R; Salleh, MKM; Lu, DDC
22-Sep-2016Flexible absolute circuit for advanced power factor correction controllerMuhammad, KS; Lu, DDC; Baharom, R
13-Jul-2016A GPS-based control method for load sharing and power quality improvement in microgridsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC; Savaghebi, M; Vasquez, JC; Guerrero, JM
1-Jun-2016A Decentralized Control Method for Islanded Microgrids under Unbalanced ConditionsGolsorkhi, MS; Lu, DDC
1-Jun-2016A Simplified Finite-State Predictive Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor DriveHabibullah, M; Lu, DDC; Xiao, D; Rahman, MF
1-Jan-2016High voltage stress in single-phase single-stage PFC converters: Analysis and an alternative solutionLu, DDC
1-Jan-2016Geometric maximum power point tracking and sliding mode control of a bidirectional grid connected single phase two-stage photovoltaic system with DC loadsShen, L; Lu, DDC; Wang, Y