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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Doubly Nonparametric Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Based on Dependent Indian Buffet ProcessesXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xu, RYD; Luo, X
8-Mar-2018Multi-label Image Classification with Regional Latent Semantic DependenciesZhang, J; Wu, Q; Shen, C; Zhang, J; Lu, J
1-Mar-2018Fuzzy competence model drift detection for data-driven decision support systemsDong, F; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Li, K
2018Hierarchy Visualization for Group Recommender SystemsWang, W; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2018Deep Additive Least Squares Support Vector Machines for Classification With Model TransferWang, G; Zhang, G; Choi, KS; Lu, J
2018Accumulating regional density dissimilarity for concept drift detection in data streamsLiu, A; Lu, J; Liu, F; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2017Explicitly and implicitly exploiting the hierarchical structure for mining website interests on news eventsXuan, J; Luo, X; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2017A cross-domain recommender system with consistent information transferZhang, Q; Wu, D; Lu, J; Liu, F; Zhang, G
1-Dec-2017Guest Editorial Special Section on Fuzzy Systems in Data ScienceLu, J; Herrera, F; Zhang, G
Dec-2017Fuzzy Regression Transfer Learning in Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy ModelsZuo, H; Zhang, G; Pedrycz, W; Behbood, V; Lu, J
24-Nov-2017Concept Drift Region Identification via Competence-based Discrepancy Distribution EstimationDong, F; Lu, J; Li, K; Zhang, G
1-Nov-2017A Bayesian nonparametric model for multi-label learningXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xu, RYD; Luo, X
1-Oct-2017Detecting and predicting the topic change of Knowledge-based Systems: A topic-based bibliometric analysis from 1991 to 2016Zhang, Y; Chen, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Oct-2017An Incremental Learning of Concept Drift Using Evolving Type-2 Recurrent Fuzzy Neural NetworkPratama, M; Lu, J; Lughofer, E; Zhang, G; Er, MJ
18-Sep-2017Mixed Similarity Diffusion for Recommendation on Bipartite NetworksWang, X; Liu, Y; Zhang, G; Zhang, Y; Chen, H; Lu, J
1-Sep-2017A compact active sound absorption system compensating near-field effect of the secondary sourceWang, J; Lu, J; Qiu, X
1-Sep-2017A Multi-Objective Load Balancing System for Cloud EnvironmentsRamezani, F; Lu, J; Taheri, J; Zomaya, AY
1-Sep-2017Requirement-oriented core technological components’ identification based on SAO analysisYang, C; Zhu, D; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J
29-Aug-2017Tri-level decision-making for decentralized vendor-managed inventoryHan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
24-Aug-2017Diffusion-based recommendation with trust relations on tripartite graphsWang, X; Liu, Y; Zhang, G; Xiong, F; Lu, J