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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03An Extremely Simple Algorithm for Source Domain Reconstruction.Fang, Z; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2024-02-13Deep Reinforcement Learning in Nonstationary Environments With Unknown Change Points.Liu, Z; Lu, J; Xuan, J; Zhang, G
2024-01-07Source-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Current research and future directionsZhang, N; Lu, J; Li, K; Fang, Z; Zhang, G
2024-01-01Multiple Teacher Model for Continual Test-Time Domain AdaptationWang, R; Zuo, H; Fang, Z; Lu, J; Liu, T; Yue, L; Webb, G; Wang, D
2024-01-01Domain Adaptation with Interval-valued Observations: Theory and AlgorithmsMa, G; Lu, J; Liu, F; Fang, Z; Zhang, G
2023-12-01An augmented diffusion algorithm with bidirectional communication for a distributed active noise control system.Li, T; Rao, L; Zhao, S; Duan, H; Lu, J; Burnett, IS
2023-12-01Multi-Stream Concept Drift Self-Adaptation Using Graph Neural NetworkZhou, M; Lu, J; Song, Y; Zhang, G
2023-12-01Source-Free Multidomain Adaptation With Fuzzy Rule-Based Deep Neural NetworksLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2023-11-09Attention-Bridging TS Fuzzy Rules for Universal Multi-Domain Adaptation Without Source DataLi, K; Lu, J; Zuo, H; Zhang, G
2023-11-04Artificial intelligence-driven biomedical genomicsGuo, K; Wu, M; Soo, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Q; Lin, H; Grosser, M; Venter, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2023-11Synergistically boosting reaction kinetics and suppressing polyselenide shuttle effect by Ti3C2Tx/Sb2Se3 film anode in high-performance sodium-ion batteries.Yang, J; Li, J; Lu, J; Sheng, X; Liu, Y; Wang, T; Wang, C
2023-10-01Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Stream LearningLu, J; Gama, J; Yao, X; Minku, L
2023-09-19Graph Convolutional Neural Networks With Diverse Negative Samples via Decomposed Determinant Point Processes.Duan, W; Xuan, J; Qiao, M; Lu, J
2023-08-01Meta OOD Learning For Continuously Adaptive OOD DetectionWU, X; Lu, J; Fang, Z; Zhang, G
2023-07-01Stepping beyond your comfort zone: Diffusion-based network analytics for knowledge trajectory recommendationZhang, Y; Wu, M; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2023-06-27Disentangling Stochastic PDE Dynamics for Unsupervised Video Prediction.Wu, X; Lu, J; Yan, Z; Zhang, G
2023-05-14Improving proximal policy optimization with alpha divergenceXu, H; Yan, Z; Xuan, J; Zhang, G; Lu, J
2023-05-01In-situ electro-polymerization of L-tyrosine enables ultrafast, long cycle life for lithium metal batteryChu, Z; Zhuang, S; Lu, J; Li, J; Wang, C; Wang, T
2023-02-07Pixel-Level Classification of Five Histologic Patterns of Lung Adenocarcinoma.Shao, D; Su, F; Zou, X; Lu, J; Wu, S; Tian, R; Ran, D; Guo, Z; Jin, D
2023-02-01Detecting group concept drift from multiple data streamsYu, H; Liu, W; Lu, J; Wen, Y; Luo, X; Zhang, G