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2022-12-01Chinese sentence semantic matching based on multi-level relevance extraction and aggregation for intelligent human–robot interactionLu, W; Zhao, P; Li, Y; Wang, S; Huang, H; Shi, S; Wu, H
2022-07-01Adverse roles of mast cell chymase-1 in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Liu, G; Jarnicki, AG; Paudel, KR; Lu, W; Wadhwa, R; Philp, AM; Van Eeckhoutte, H; Marshall, JE; Malyla, V; Katsifis, A; Fricker, M; Hansbro, NG; Dua, K; Kermani, NZ; Eapen, MS; Tiotiu, A; Chung, KF; Caramori, G; Bracke, K; Adcock, IM; Sohal, SS; Wark, PA; Oliver, BG; Hansbro, PM
2022-06-20JCDL2022 Workshop: Extraction and evaluation of knowledge entities from scientific documents (EEKE2022)Zhang, C; Mayr, P; Lu, W; Zhang, Y
2022-05-23News Recommendation Via Multi-Interest News Sequence ModellingWang, R; Wang, S; Lu, W; Peng, X
2022-04-28Multi-granularity interaction model based on pinyins and radicals for Chinese semantic matchingZhao, P; Lu, W; Wang, S; Peng, X; Jian, P; Wu, H; Zhang, W
2022-01-01Aspect-Driven User Preference and News Representation Learning for News RecommendationLu, W; Wang, R; Wang, S; Peng, X; Wu, H; Zhang, Q
2022-01-01Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Memory Enhancement MechanismKan, B; Lu, W; Peng, X; Wang, S; Zhang, G; Zhang, W; Qiao, X
2022-01-01Rethinking Adjacent Dependency in Session-Based RecommendationsZhang, Q; Wang, S; Lu, W; Feng, C; Peng, X; Wang, Q; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2021-12-01Predictive End-Effector Control of Manipulators on Moving Platforms under DisturbanceWoolfrey, J; Lu, W; Liu, D
2021-11-01Sentence Semantic Matching Based on 3D CNN for Human Robot Language InteractionLu, W; Yu, R; Wang, S; Wang, C; Jian, P; Huang, H
2021-11-01Sentence pair modeling based on semantic feature map for human interaction with IoT devicesYu, R; Lu, W; Lu, H; Wang, S; Li, F; Zhang, X; Yu, J
2021-07-18Sentence Semantic Matching with Hierarchical CNN Based on Dimension-augmented RepresentationYu, R; Lu, W; Li, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, G; Zhang, X
2021-01-01Sequential Dependency Enhanced Graph Neural Networks for Session-based RecommendationsGuo, W; Wang, S; Lu, W; Wu, H; Zhang, Q; Shao, Z
2021Impact of Deleterious Mutations on Structure, Function and Stability of Serum/Glucocorticoid Regulated Kinase 1: A Gene to Diseases Correlation.AlAjmi, MF; Khan, S; Choudhury, A; Mohammad, T; Noor, S; Hussain, A; Lu, W; Eapen, MS; Chimankar, V; Hansbro, PM; Sohal, SS; Elasbali, AM; Hassan, MI
2021Concept Representation by Learning Explicit and Implicit Concept CouplingsLu, W; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Huang, H; Liu, Q; Luo, S
2020-09-15DOB-Net: Actively Rejecting Unknown Excessive Time-Varying DisturbancesWang, T; Lu, W; Yan, Z; Liu, D
2020-08-04A²: Extracting cyclic switchings from DOB-nets for rejecting excessive disturbances: A²: Extracting cyclic switchings from DOB-nets for rejecting excessive disturbancesLu, W; Liu, D
2020-08-01Extraction and evaluation of knowledge entities from scientific documents: Eeke2020Zhang, C; Mayr, P; Lu, W; Zhang, Y
2020-07-29ACE2 Expression is elevated in Airway Epithelial Cells from aged and male donors but reduced in asthmaWark, PA; Pathinayake, PS; Kaiko, G; Nichol, K; Ali, A; Chen, L; Sutanto, EN; Garratt, LW; Sohal, SS; Lu, W; Eapen, MS; Oldmeadow, C; Bartlett, N; Reid, A; Veerati, P; C-Y.Hsu, A; Looi, K; Iosifidis, T; Stick, SM; Hansbro, PM; Kicic, A
2020-05-30Jointly Modeling Intra- and Inter-transaction Dependencies with Hierarchical Attentive Transaction Embeddings for Next-item RecommendationWang, S; Cao, L; Hu, L; Berkovsky, S; Huang, X; Xiao, L; Lu, W