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2022-11-01Optimal scheduling of a hybrid AC/DC multi-energy microgrid considering uncertainties and Stackelberg game-based integrated demand responseCai, Y; Lu, Z; Pan, Y; He, L; Guo, X; Zhang, J
2022-10-01Overview of Recent Advanced Topologies for Transformerless Dual-Grounded InvertersGuo, X; Zhang, H; Tang, W; Lu, Z; Hua, C; Siwakoti, YP; Malinowski, M; Blaabjerg, F
2022-10A distributed and integrated control strategy for an islanded microgrid considering line loss and communication interruption.Yuan, D; Lu, Z; Zhang, J; Guo, X; Geng, L
2022-06-01Low-carbon optimal planning of an integrated energy station considering combined power-to-gas and gas-fired units equipped with carbon capture systemsDong, W; Lu, Z; He, L; Geng, L; Guo, X; Zhang, J
2022-04A two-stage degradation coupling photocatalysis to microalgae enhances the mineralization of enrofloxacin.Lu, Z; Xu, Y; Peng, L; Liang, C; Liu, Y; Ni, B-J
2022-01-01An improved multi-objective bacterial colony chemotaxis algorithm based on Pareto dominanceLu, Z; Qi, S; Zhang, J; Cai, Y; Guo, X; Luo, S
2022-01-01A Novel Fabric Defect Detection Network Based on Attention Mechanism and Multi-Task FusionPeng, Z; Gong, X; Lu, Z; Xu, X; Wei, B; Prasad, M
2021-11-01Economic dispatch of multi-area integrated electricity and natural gas systems considering emission and hourly spinning reserve constraintsHe, L; Lu, Z; Zhang, J; Geng, L; Cai, Y; Li, X
2021-09-15Necroptosis Signaling Promotes Inflammation, Airway Remodeling, and Emphysema in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.Lu, Z; Van Eeckhoutte, HP; Liu, G; Nair, PM; Jones, B; Gillis, CM; Nalkurthi, BC; Verhamme, F; Buyle-Huybrecht, T; Vandenabeele, P; Vanden Berghe, T; Brusselle, GG; Horvat, JC; Murphy, JM; Wark, PA; Bracke, KR; Fricker, M; Hansbro, PM
2021-09-01Non-cooperative game pricing strategy for maximizing social welfare in electrified transportation networksLu, Z; Shi, L; Geng, L; Zhang, J; Li, X; Guo, X
2021-07-01Coordinated operation of coupled transportation and power distribution systems considering stochastic routing behaviour of electric vehicles and prediction error of travel demandGeng, L; Lu, Z; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Li, X; He, L
2021-06How well has economic strategy changed CO<sub>2</sub> emissions? Evidence from China's largest emission province.Yang, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Muhammad, S; Cao, Y
2021-05-01Cooling-Aware Optimization of Edge Server Configuration and Edge Computation Offloading for Wirelessly Powered DevicesChen, X; Lu, Z; Ni, W; Wang, X; Wang, F; Zhang, S; Xu, S
2021-05-01Total load energy supply capability and security level classification of integrated power and natural gas systems considering N-1 contingency of power systemLu, Z; Chen, Y; Gu, Y; He, L; Zhang, J
2021-03-01Nanosurfacing Ti alloy by weak alkalinity-activated solid-state dewetting (AAD) and its biointerfacial enhancement effectSong, X; Liu, F; Qiu, C; Coy, E; Liu, H; Aperador, W; Załȩski, K; Li, JJ; Song, W; Lu, Z; Pan, H; Kong, L; Wang, G
2021-01-10Multi-region and multi-sector comparisons and analysis of industrial carbon productivity in ChinaYang, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Mensah, IA; Luo, Y; Chen, W
2021-01-08Joint communication and radar sensing in 5G mobile network by compressive sensingRahman, ML; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Lu, Z
2021-01-01Gaussian-Mixture-Model Based Clutter Suppression in Perceptive Mobile NetworksRahman, ML; Zhang, JA; Huang, X; Guo, YJ; Lu, Z
2020-07-27Joint Resource Allocation and Load Management for Cooling-Aware Mobile-Edge ComputingChen, X; Lu, Z; Ni, W; Wang, X; Zhang, S; Xu, S
2020-03-01Swarm Decision Table and Ensemble Search Methods in Fog Computing Environment: Case of Day-Ahead Prediction of Building Energy Demands Using IoT SensorsLi, T; Fong, S; Li, X; Lu, Z; Gandomi, AH