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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Editorial March 2023Narayan, B; Kennan, MA; McCallum, I; Quinn, S; Luca, E
2022-07-03Artificial Intelligence and Robots for the Library and Information ProfessionsLuca, E; Narayan, B; Cox, A
2022-04-03June 2022 EditorialKennan, MA; Luca, E; Narayan, B; McCallum, I; Quinn, S
2021-01-01June 2021 EditorialKennan, MA; Narayan, B; Luca, E; Quinn, S; McCallum, I
2019-01-01Bridging the library and information science research – practice gap: A panel discussionPartridge, H; Given, LM; Abdi, ES; Buchanan, G; Bunker, K; Luca, E; McKay, D; Narayan, B
2018-12-15Scholarly Communication Practices in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Study of Researchers’ Attitudes and Awareness of Open AccessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M; Boateng, H
2018-10-09Scholarly communication practices in humanities and social sciences: a study of researchers’ attitudes and awareness of open accessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Boateng, H; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M
2018-07-01Shaping the future of academic libraries: Authentic learning for the next generationSchulte, J; Tiffen, B; Edwards, J; Abbott, S; Luca, E
2017-12-18Issues and challenges in researchers’ adoption of open access and institutional repositories: a contextual study of a university repositoryNarayan, B; Luca, E
2017-03-01Utiliser le design thinking pour repenser la signalétique en bibliothèque universitaireNarayan, B; Luca, E
2016-12-06Promoting Open-Access Adoption Through a User Experience Approach: A Case Study of a University eRepositoryNarayan, B; Luca, E
2016-10-10Signage by Design: A Design-Thinking Approach to Library User ExperienceLuca, E; Narayan, B
2016-01-01Redesigning the open-access institutional repository: A user experience approachLuca, E; Narayan, B