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2022-06-23Clinical yarning with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples-a systematic scoping review of its use and impacts.Burke, AW; Welch, S; Power, T; Lucas, C; Moles, RJ
2022-04-18Collaborative Co-Design and Evaluation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Application Prototype for Use in Communication RehabilitationBryant, L; Sedlarevic, N; Stubbs, P; Bailey, B; Nguyen, V; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Estela, M; Hayes, C; Jacobs, C; Kneebone, I; Lucas, C; Mehta, P; Power, E; Hemsley, B
2022-04-01Bouncing off Each Other: Experiencing Interprofessional Collaboration Through SimulationHayes, C; Power, T; Forrest, G; Ferguson, C; Kennedy, D; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Courtney-Harris, M; Hemsley, B; Lucas, C
2022-02-10Reflective Practice: Co-Creating Reflective Activities for Pharmacy Students.Hokanson, K; Breault, RR; Lucas, C; Charrois, TL; Schindel, TJ
2022-01-01Our Priorities Are Not Evolving, but Our Strategies Are.Smith, KJ; Cox, CD; Dy-Boarman, E; Gonyeau, M; Lempicki, KA; Lucas, C; Lonie, JM; Smith, MD; Stein, SM
2022Ensuring Cultural Safety for Indigenous Peoples Accessing MedicinesLucas, C; Power, T
2021-05Establishing consensus for the education, training and assessment requirements of community pharmacy staff to deliver minor ailments services: A modified Delphi study.Aly, M; Schneider, CR; Sukkar, MB; Lucas, C
2021-04-02Implementing AcaWriter as a Novel Strategy to Support Pharmacy Students’ Reflective Practice in Scientific ResearchLucas, C; Shum, SB; Liu, M; Bebawy, M
2021-01-01Clinical partners’ reflections on Indigenous curricula in health education and the development of a pre-clinical placement student toolkitLucas, C; Aly, M; Power, T
2021-01-01Visual limitations do not indicate poor quality of life: reflections by future eye care professionalsLucas, C; Nguyen, V
2020-10-30Exploration of health professional stakeholders' views and experiences regarding minor ailments services' education, training and assessment.Aly, M; Schneider, CR; Sukkar, MB; Lucas, C
2020-10-29A systematic review of postgraduate training programmes directed at pharmacists entering primary careGroen, A; Lucas, C; Benson, H; Alsubaie, M; Boyd, MJ
2020-10Enhancing pre-licenced pharmacists' communication and interprofessional collaboration utilizing the RIPE model of interprofessional learning: A qualitative study.Lucas, C; Power, T; Ferguson, C; Hayes, C
2020-10Educational needs of community pharmacy staff in minor ailment service delivery: A systematic scoping review.Aly, M; Schneider, CR; Sukkar, MB; Lucas, C
2020-08Student generation and peer review of examination questions in the dental curriculum: Enhancing student engagement and learning.Nguyen, K-A; Lucas, C; Leadbeatter, D
2020-02Irradiation impairs mitochondrial function and skeletal muscle oxidative capacity: significance for metabolic complications in cancer survivors.Amorim, NML; Kee, A; Coster, ACF; Lucas, C; Bould, S; Daniel, S; Weir, JM; Mellett, NA; Barbour, J; Meikle, PJ; Cohn, RJ; Turner, N; Hardeman, EC; Simar, D
2020-01-08Opportunities for the Implementation of Immersive Virtual Reality in RehabilitationBryant, L; Hemsley, B; Bailey, B; Bluff, A; Nguyen, V; Stubbs, P; Barnett, D; Jacobs, C; Lucas, C; Power, E
2020-01-01Reflective practice: the essential competency for health systems and healthcare practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemicWalpola, R; Lucas, C
2020-01-01Pharmacy students’ learnings and reflections to inform the development of the ‘Working Respectfully with Aboriginal Peoples’ (WRAP) ToolkitLucas, C; Aly, M; Power, T