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1-Apr-2018Local Context: Social PracticesLulham, R; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Kashyap, K; Tomkin, D; Wener, R; Chesla, E
1-Sep-2017Court-Custody Audio Visual Links: Designing for equitable justice experience in the use of court custody video conferencingLulham, R; Kashyap, K; Klippan, L; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; McKay, C; Rowden, E
30-May-2017Reframing the purpose, practice and place of juvenile detention in the Northern Territory.Lulham, R; McGregor, F; Klippan, L; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; Kashyap, K
1-Jan-2017Products as Affective Modifiers of IdentitiesShank, DB; Lulham, R
1-Sep-2016Audio Visual Link Suites in Custodial Contexts: Basic ergonomic and technical recommendations.Lulham, R; Kashyap, K; Rowden, E; Munro, T; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; McKay, C
1-Jul-2016Symbolic Interaction with Consumer Products: An Affect Control Theory ApproachShank, DB; Lulham, R
30-Jun-2016Exploring framing and meaning making over the design innovation processThurgood, CM; Lulham, R; Lloyd, P; Bohemia, E
2016A Tool to Bridge Design Innovation Research and Practice: The Project Experience MapThurgood, C; O'Donnell, M; Peppou, G; Lulham, R; Bucolo, S
1-Dec-2013A theory of affective experienceLulham, R
2-Nov-2012Intensive Learning Centre Concept ReportBradley, K; Munro, T; Lulham, R; Tomkin, D; Klippan; McGregor, F
1-Apr-2012Effectiveness of Pretrial Community-Based Diversion in Reducing Reoffending by Adult Intrafamilial Child Sex OffendersButler, L; Goodman-Delahunty, J; Lulham, R
1-Sep-2011Co-designing out crimeCamacho Duarte, O; Lulham, R; Kaldor, L